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2019 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

2018 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

Colin Kaepernick
How Harry Potter changed the world
Memorial Day 2018
Nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize
Give Citizens $1,000 A Month
Rep. Nancy Pelosi
USB Drives
President Trump
Armed Teachers
Buford Eugene Farnsworth
Racist Math

2017 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

Things Are A Changin'
Confused Yet?
Bowe Bergdahl Gets Dishonorable Discharge, Avoids Prison Time
Fredrica Wilson
Las Vegas Shooting - Not A Machine Gun
Loosing Hope President Trump Can Deliver
Memorial Day 2017
Handguns Next
Middle America
Day Without Immigrants
Kathy Griffin Shiny Object
Kathy Griffin


2016 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

Electoral College
Congressional Republicans; Be Very Careful
Trump Elected President
Stood Alone
Consequences For Police Shootings
Concealed Carry Without Permit
White Man's Sport?
It Ain't The Money
Never Hillary
Muslim Leaders Asked to Answer for Actions of Extremists
United States of Progressive Utopia
Trump vs Clinton
Orlando Horror
Right Wind Radio Pumped Into Cars, Bars, VFW Halls
Mental Hospital Phone Menu
Memorial Day 2016
Jon Soltz & Votevets.org
Surfers! Not Sex Objects
"Kate's Law" and the License to Hate
Android And Our 'Brave New World'
Veterans Support Hearings and a Vote on Garland Nomination
Bill Clinton Gets Into Heated Exchange
Hillary - Love And Kindness
Trump Won't Debate
Marco Rubio Turned His Back On Immigrants

2015 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

Donald Trump
Statue of Liberty Born a Muslim
Sheriff Mike Jolley, Harris County, GA
Obama: Paris terror rampage a 'setback'
Bernie Sanders Calls For Assault Weapons Ban
CAIR Wants Ben Carson to Withdraw from Presidential Race
Carson Says Muslims Should Not Be President
Women In Combat
Al Qaeda Chief Urges Lone Wolf Attacks
Obama Warns. And warns, and warns.
Student Resorted to Prostitution to Meet NYU's Soaring Price
Military Selects Rarely Used Charge For Bowe Bergdahl Case
We Don't Need A Department of Veterans Affairs...
Trump - "They Have To Go"
The Historic Promise Of The Iran Nuclear Deal
POW/MIA Flag Is Racist
DeSean Jackson
healthcare.gov Subsidies
Islam Forbids Spreading Faith By The Sword
Yemen Aid Ship
American Masculinity
Paul Krugman
Ms. Bruce Jenner
Iran Nuclear Deal: April, 2015
Obama Administration - More Of The Same
Mistrust All Wealthy Elites
Senate Republican's Letter To Iran
Google Truth Rankings
Kerry Presses Russia's Lavrov On Ukraine Ceasefire Deal
Antarctic Thaw
Net Neutrality
We Can't Kill Way Out Of War Against ISIS
US Mainstream Media Demonizing Muslims
Training Afghan Forces Key to US Mission

2014 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

Political Promises
Obama Presidency
Thanksgiving Day Shopping
Climate Change Accord
Confused Male
Racial Parenting Divide
Islamic State Threat
What did we do to them, to ISIS?
Palestinian Right To Freedom
GI Bill College Aid
Broken Borders
Hobby Lobby
Heads Roll At GM
Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl
Ted Cruz - Democrats to Repeal First Amendment
Botched Execution Reignites Death Penalty Debate
Sebelius: Extra Time Not An Extension
Afghanistan: High-tech to monitor taxpayer projects
Old White Men Are Drowning In Despair And Rage
MyRA / U.S. Postal (And Banking) Service


2013 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

Media Matters: 'The War On Fox Is Over'
Afghan Senate Chairman Not To Sign US Security Pact
U.S., World Powers, Reach Nuclear Deal With Iran
Gun People Hold Hammerlock On Gun Control Reform
Prince Of Fools
MSNBC calls for investigation of Megyn Kelly
Obama Plan for College Affordability
Obama on Syria, "I have not made a decision"
Government Needs More Money
Congress Exempt From Obamacare
Progressive Media
Charles Barkley On Zimmerman
Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay
President Obama PBS Interview
Boy Scouts Vote To Lift On Gay Scouts
Kamala Harris Accepts Obama Apology
Secretary of State Kerry speaks at U.Va.
Score: Alcohol 79,000    Guns 32,000
Obama: I Cut Spending Over A Trillion Dollars
To My Pro Gun Brethern
Obama Wants Power to Raise Debt Limit
Hot Worker Fired

2012 Archive

Brief Comments On Recent Headlines

With The Re-election Of President Obama
Islam: Religion Of Peace
Why I Cannot Vote For President Obama
Give Me The Rerun
Can Obama Get His Magic Touch Back
Boy Scouts Will Not Allow Gays
Somebody Else Made That Happen
Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act Ruling
Public Sector Jobs
Alternative Energy
GSA Las Vegas Conference
United Nations Internet Regulation
Afghanistan War
Afghanistan Quran Burning
Child Tax Breaks For Illegal Immigrants
Electronic Privacy
Boycott Of Starbucks

2011 Archive

Keystone XL Pipeline
US Drone Downed Over Iran
Iraq Withdrawl
Presidential Pledge For Religious Freedom
Balanced Budget Amendement
Bill To Block Airline Baggage Fees
Nidal Malik Hasan, Major US Army


2010 Archive

Alternative Energy
Congressional Term Limits
Dear Mr. President
Federal Deficit
Gaza Aid Flotilla
Gulf Oil Cleanup
Illegal Immigration
US Tax Code
Note To Politicians
Political Correctness
Congressional Bills
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

2005 Archive