Hobby Lobby
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www.thedailbeast.com: In Hobby Lobby Ruling, a Court So Wrong in So Many Ways.
Reliance on junk science, backwards ideas about religious freedom-it's all there in the conservative majority's awful Hobby Lobby ruling.
www.commentarymagazine.com: Religious Liberty Trumps ObamaCare.
In ruling against the ObamaCare contraception mandate today in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a fundamental principle of American law.

The final decision has yet to be rendered on Hobby Lobby's position on contraceptives. That decision will be made by the American public.

Will enough people object strongly enough to Hobby Lobby's policies that corporate profits will be negatively impacted? Will the American consumer refuse to shop at Hobby Lobby in protest of its policies? Will people refuse to work for Hobby Lobby with its $14 an hour minimum wage?

As for me, as of this writing I cannot imagine what I might need at Hobby Lobby. But before the end of the day I will stop in at the Hobby Lobby up the street and purchase something. This act has nothing to do with being pro-choice or pro-life, my religious beliefs, women's rights or the corporations as persons thing. It has everything to do with my support of those willing to resist governments ever-expanding size, scope and attempt to control what should be personal choices.

July, 2014