Concealed Carry Without Permit
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9/15/2016 Missouri Joins States Allowing Concealed Carry Without Permit

A few years back I posted; "I don't carry a firearm. Concealed or openly. Never have seen the need". Unfortunately that sentiment has changed as age and health make me question my physical ability to successfully execute a 'fight-or-flight' response to a threat and senseless acts of violence are becoming the norm rather then the exception.

I'm a strong supporter of the second amendment. I am an equally strong supporter of training for those who choose to carry a concealed firearm outside the home. If one elects to conceal carry in public, one should bare responsibility to be knowledgeable in firearm safety, marksmanship fundamentals and firearm laws. Even if one were to discount safety, marksmanship and firearm laws, a concern I have involves law enforcement officers having to now consider that everyone might be armed. Stopped for a tail light out or 41 in a 35? Whether carrying or not, best know the 'hands at 10 and 2' drill.

A firearm in the home? Everybody's constitutional right. Open carry in public? While I have reservations, I'll concede to the second amendment. Conceal carry in public without a permit and the training, validation of weapon proficiency and the background check associated with it? That's a bad thing.

While I seldom carry a pistol in public, I'll maintain a concealed carry permit. In addition to being honored in several states through which I occasionally travel, hopefully it will put any law enforcement officer I might encounter more at ease knowing I have passed a background check and received training in responsible gun ownership and use.


September, 2016