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12/5/2017 Robert Mueller Just Subpoenaed Trump's Favorite Bank 12/6/2017 Trump's Jerusalem Plan Is a Deadly Provocation
12/6/2017 Trump Lawyer Denies Deutsche Bank Got Subpoena On Trump Accounts       12/6/2017 Trump Made The Right Call Recognizing Jerusalem
12/7/2017 The Idiocy of Reciprocal Concealed Carry 10/2/2017 Trump's Muslim Ban 3.0 Is Still Unconstitutional
7/5/2017 Time to pass National Concealed Carry Reciprocity 12/7/2017 Trump's Travel Bans Are Constitutional
12/7/2017 The Demise of Net Neutrality Will Harm Innovation in America 11/24/2017 Nothing But Bad News In The GOP Tax Plan
7/14/2017 7 Reasons Net Neutrality Is Idiotic 10/14/2017 The GOP's Tax Proposal Is Good For The Country
3/1/2017 School Vouchers Are a "False Road," and the Data Proves It 10/22/2014 Yes, All Kids Should Get Trophies
8/15/2017 realcleareducation: Vouchers Improve Student Outcomes and School Diversity 8/7/2017 Why Participation Trophies Give Kids The Wrong Message About Life
3/14/2017 What safe spaces are really about: freedom 1/20/2017 It's Time To Stop Pretending North Korea Is A Threat To The U.S.
2/15/2017 Safe spaces lead to intolerance on campus 11/29/2017 North Korea's Nuclear Threat Is Here And It's Real
12/12/2017 Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump 1/15/2017 Feinstein says Russian hacking altered outcome of the election
12/2/2017 Mueller's investigation is failing 10/12/2017 usatoday: Russian hacking didn't alter election
4/2012017 America should legalize recreational marijuana 12/7/2017 Activists use California wildfires to push warming narrative
8/8/2017 Recreational Weed Shouldn't Be Legalized 12/11/2017 'No Credible Evidence' Global Warming Caused Calif Wildfires


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December, 2017