Jack's Enclave - I lost my dad to Fox News: How a generation was captured by thrashing hysteria
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"Old white people are drowning in despair and rage. Here's how my father lost his mind -- thanks to his cable diet"

To understand the following, first read: "I lost my dad to Fox News"

The following are just a few random thoughts as I read this article. Not enough storage on my hosting plan to provide a comprehensive analysis.

The author lost any semblance of creditability with the article's title and subtitle. "A generation" implies all boomers. It would appear the author has a prejudice against anyone over 60. I wonder if that includes Secretary John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Bruce Springsteen. And then he just had to interject racism with "white people". I thought, "here we go again".

I feel sadness for the father of this author, knowing that child he sacrificed so much for and tried to raise with a since of dignity and respect has fallen so short of expectations. That his son now considers him to have lost his mind and to be; old, wrinkled, terrified, full of despair, hysterical, addicted, an American tragedy, outraged, a fragile antique, a relic, exploited, having unquenchable rage. The least Mr. Lyngar could have done was to write under a pseudonym and spared his father the humiliation he now surely feels. Then again, it's obvious he couldn't care less about his father's feelings.

Let me provide the profile of another "old white person". One I am intimately familiar with.
    White, male, mid 60's, retired.
    Works 2-3 days a week in a position entailing public interaction.
    Shoots league pool two nights a week.
    Socially conservative but tolerant of other persuasions. Whatever floats your boat as long as it don't hurt me or mine.
    Known to frequent a couple of local taverns from time to time.
    Seldom discusses politics in a social environment. Values friendships and camaraderie too much.
    On an almost daily basis reads foxnews.com, huffingtonpost.com, cnsnews.com, salon.com and realclearpolitics.com.
    On average maybe watches three hours of TV a day. News, sports, sci-fi type stuff.
    Really tries to watch MSNBC but seldom makes it through one segment. Just too far to the left for anyone not eager to drink their Kool-Aid.
    As for Fox News, maybe two segments. At least Fox has its token liberals in Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and most recently James Carville.
    Maintains a web site for political commentary.
    Always an open fiction novel on the night stand.
    His view on racism? Read "Racism" posted in March of 2012.
Hardly the profile of an old white person "captured by thrashing hysteria" and "drowning in dispare and rage" the author would have one believe is the typical baby boomer.

I admit to admiring the authors ability to attack Fox News from the side by throwing his old, wrinkled, relic of a father under the bus and to portray himself as the concerned son. While his command of the written word is impressive, something is just not wired right in the man's brain. Probably a good thing he pursued a degree in creative writing. Through fiction he doesn't have to work with the actual facts of real life. He can create a set of facts to support his social and political ideology.

Prognostication: Mr. Lyngar will continue to blather, post, tweet and blog as long as he can pick up a few bucks from the progressive media or feels he has at least one follower. He'll continue to believe Fox News is the root of all evil. That conservatives are the cause of all the worlds ills. That he and his "cohorts" are the enlightened ones. However, when he reaches his fathers age, he will come to realize his portrait of discontent is one of none other than himself.

March, 2014