Jack's Enclave - Senate Bill To Block Airline Baggage Fees
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Whatever the reason for charging baggage fees congress has no business regulating what a private enterprise, in a competitive market, charges for its goods and services. It's the slippery slope thing. What next? The price auto manufacturers charge for accessories? The cost of an iPad app? Movie ticket prices? If congress must regulate anything in the business sector it should be related to promoting the free enterprise system. Given free open markets competition will determine fair market pricing.

If congress needs something to do, how about producing a Federal budget (it's been two and a half years since we last had one). Might be a good idea to focus on legislation that would aid the creation of private sector jobs. Decrease regulatory burden on small/medium size businesses. An energy policy would be nice. How about tax reform. Addressing waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars sounds good. Let's not forget immigration issues. Maybe a super duper committee to address the Federal deficit. I could go on and on.

November, 2011