Bowe Bergdahl Gets Dishonorable Discharge, Avoids Prison Time
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DAMN! Have to put the bullet away. The one I was saving to make sure I had a live round in my firing squad rifle once a military court issued a sentence of death.
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Now, I can only shed a tear for:

The 6 who were killed and those wounded searching for Bergdah.
The 8 U.S. soldiers killed and 22 were wounded in the Battle of Kamdesh because additional troops and air support were diverted to hunt for Bergdahl.
The loved ones who will never see justice served.
The grunt who can no longer trust that his brother in arms has his back.
The 'Military Justice System' for which the word 'Justice' is no longer applicable.

Now, I can only hope that:

For the remainder of his life Bergdahl is haunted by the ghosts of those who lost their lives as a result of his action.
Misery and sorrow are his constant and only companions.
Every day he continues a downward spiral into the depths of deprivation.
A special place in hell has been reserved for Bergdahl.


November, 2017