White Man's Sport?
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9/15/2016 foxnews.com: Black MLB player calls baseball 'a white man's sport'
Amid growing anti-national anthem movement in NFL, black MLB player Adam Jones shines light on racial disparity in baseball, calling it 'a white man's sport'

A quick look at some racial demographics:

U.S. racial demographic:       White 63%    Black 12%

MLB racial demographic:       White 60%    Black 12%
NBA racial demographic:       White 23%    Black 74%
NFL racial demographic:        White 28%    Black 68%

Looks to me as if Major League baseball represents racial 'parity' rather than disparity. Combine all three major sport franchises and it be the white folk who are on the short end of racial parity.

White man's sport. Black man's sport. Nobody should give a flying rat's ass.

Owners, managers, coaches are going to select and play the best talent regardless of race.

Fans couldn't care less about color. Make the play. Hit the three pointer. Take it all the way. That's what we care about.

Stop your whining Adam Jones. Don't care to hear your race baiting* rants. Just play ball.

     (*) Race baiting: A term for groundless accusations of racism. A deliberate and hypocritical focus on race in an attempt to discredit others as "racist".


September, 2016