The So-Called Immigration Border Crisis Is Neither
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7/14/2014 "The So-Called Immigration Border Crisis Is Neither" by Sally Kohn

I have several issues with this article, but I am selecting just one of Ms. Kohn's arguments to illustrate how liberals always seem to come at things sideways.

In her article she states; "The United States/Mexico border is NOT broken-this crisis actually shows the border is secure. This one would seem self-evident: The fact that we have a humanitarian crisis of an unprecedented number of unaccompanied children in the custody of United States Border Patrol proves that these kids aren't "slipping through" our "broken border" but are being stopped and detained."

The purpose of border security is to "prevent" illegal people and material from crossing the border, not to stop and detain once the border is crossed. Once the border is crossed border security has failed. The border is not secure. The border is broker.

You always have to read between the lines with these people. They never come at anything head on. If the facts don't support their ideology they will ignore, evade or distort the facts. In 2014 tens of thousands of illegal aliens have crossed the American - Mexican border and entered U.S. territory illegally. Border security is broken. It is not secure.

July, 2014