Kerry presses Russia's Lavrov on Ukraine ceasefire deal
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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is not a member of NATO. The United States has no treaties with Ukraine guaranteeing our intervention in the event of a Russian invasion. Due to President Obama's mea culpa approach to resetting U.S. / Russian relations the United States has about much influence on Russian affairs as Nauru*. Getting 24% of its energy needs from Russia, Western Europe is not about to step on the Bear's tail by intervening.

What to do. What to do. Butt Out! If Russian President Putin wants Ukraine it's his for the taking. There would be a lot international outrage, bluster and talk of sanctions. In the end, however, Ukraine would be another piece in President Putin's vision for reassembling the Soviet Union.

International opinion means nothing to President Putin. About all the United States can do is to take notes and adjust in its foreign relations policies involving Russia accordingly.

(*Nauru: Smallest island country in the world.)

March, 2015