Jack's Enclave - Electronic Privacy
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Electronic Privacy: The term is an oxymoron. If it's in electronic format, it's not private. If it's private, it's not in electronic format. It makes no difference what legislation has been or will be passed. What "Terms and Conditions" state. Or what privacy measures one might implement.

Electronic privacy issues are not a new thing. Electroic information gathering was used during WWII to intercept enemy transmissions. It was used when there was only landline telephone service in the form of wiretaps and call monitoring devices. It is our increased use of and reliance on electronic gadgets that has brought it to the forefront.

Government monitors the traffic of regional internet service providers.

The entire social media sector is built on a business model that relies on the gathering of information concerning personal data, habits and preferences. This data is used to entice advertisers and sell to third parties.

Cell phone companies record customer's location data and Web browsing history, combine it with other personal information like age and gender, aggregate it with millions of other customer's data, and sell it on an anonymous basis.

Spyware, used to track a persons every move online as well gather personal information, continues to evolve and become more sophisticated on both computers and cell phones.

If it's on your computer with an internet connection or on your cell phone accept the fact it may be accessable by others.

February, 2012