Consequences For Police Shootings
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9/26/2016 Jesse Jackson: Must be 'consequences' for police shootings

If the shootings are not justified, I agree. Unfortunately, many in the general populas and political activists are demanding consequences for any police shooting, regardless of whether the shooting was justified or not.

Case in point. El Cajon, Ca.; 9/29/2016 Man Fatally Shot by California Cop Had Vape Smoking Device: Police

If as reported:
        the victim refused multiple instructions by the first officer on the scene and concealed his hand in his pants pocket;
        the victim rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together on it and extended it rapidly toward the officer, taking what appeared to be a
            shooting stance;
        the still to the left, taken from a witness video, is an accurate depiction of the event;
then the shooting was justified even though the victim was unarmed. Very much a tragedy, but justified. If an officer has to ask; "Uh, what is that in your hand" he or a bystander is likely as not to end up dead.

And yet; 10/2/2016 El Cajon, California, sees fifth day of protests over police shooting.

No question, there have been unjustified police shootings for which officers and officials should face consequences. But simply because a victim was unarmed, or of a particular color or race, does not does not make for a bad shooting.


October, 2016