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11/05/2013 Sexual harassment is constant in clubs and it must stop.

I'm a very confused male.

Awhile back I was in a local pub shooting pool and having a couple of drinks. A lady walks in, sits at the bar and orders a whatever. A couple of notches above the bar's norm, she was attired moderately in a dress that flattered her figure. Hair nicely done. Make-up minimal but definitely applied with care. She wasn't what one would call beautiful. But to me, one of those women who just had a very strong sensual appeal.

A half hour or so later it was time for me to leave. As I walked past I stopped, caught her eye, and said; "Just in case he doesn't tell you later, you look absolutely stunning." Neither expecting or necessarily wanting a response I turned and continued my exit.

Was that sexual harassment? I've asked this question of several female acquaintances. Not one felt this was anything but a compliment to the lady. But from many of the articles I've read as of late my action constitutes sexual harassment, an offence for which I should be drawn and quartered.

I don't cat call; "Way to swing it girl". I don't "hey baby, want some of this". I do on occasion compliment a woman on her physical attractiveness.

So ladies, should you be a "victim" of my admiration, please understand it is not my intent to embarrass, disrespect, humiliate or harass you. I'm simply a confused old man raised in an era when a woman appreciated a man letting her know she is, to use a quaint old term, pretty.

November, 2014