Android And Our 'Brave New World'
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Ya know, sometimes it just doesn't pay to be successful. To produce the best product. To be the consumer's choice.

4/20/2016 Google accused of abusing Android smartphone dominance to stifle competition (claims European Commission)
3/14/2016 Google loses antitrust appeal in Russian court over pre-loading Android apps
9/25/2015 Google to face Android FTC antitrust investigation.
9/01/2015 India moves forward with Google antitrust probe

At the core of each of these antitrust actions is the accusation Google is privileging its own products and services over its competitors'. Hell, based on that justification it's time to go after Ford for putting Ford engines and Ford parts in Ford vehicles.

Google is not the Standard Oil of 1911. They don't control 90% of smartphone production. They are not buying up competitors as a means to control pricing. If 84% of smartphone users worldwide did not prefer Android they could choose Apple iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 or BlackBerry 10. It's not as if there are not viable alternative operating systems.

At first I speculated that foreign antitrust actions against American companies were an anti-American thing. But the U.S. FTC has also been on Google's ass. Has to be something more. Wait! President Obama chose the FTC commissioners and Chairperson. They do his bidding. Guess it could be an anti-American thing.

A disturbing thought. What if the rash of antitrust actions over the past 5 years is a reflection of societies push toward mediocrity. The progressive mentality that all should average. All should be ordinary. All should be the same. That societal stability is the ultimate goal.
      Political correctness - all must think alike.
      Common core - all must be at the same level.
      Non-Binary Gender - society should be androgynous.
If you excel, if you stand out from the crowd, if you are different, if you think outside of the box, something is wrong and it is government's mandate to take corrective action. Don't know. Just a random thought.

Another random thought: Welcome to our 'Brave New World'.


April, 2016