Loosing Hope President Trump Can Deliver
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After his having been in office for almost 11 months I'm beginning to loose hope President Trump can deliver on his campaign platform.

Never have been a fan of Trump 'the man'. He's brash, arrogant and overbearing. He sees himself as a boss rather than a leader. He demands loyalty rather than commands it. His conformational style has been as divisive as President Obama's condescending style was.

I do, however, agree with most of his agenda and I had hoped once in office he would display the political skills and statesmanship necessary to implement the programs and changes he campaigned on. Thus far that has not been the case.

I'm not concerned with the so called scandals. I am of the opinion most are contrived and/or over blown by the liberal media and anti-Trumpers. My concerns are the President's inability to overcome his never-Trump adversaries in congress and sign any significant legislation, his juvenile tweets reminiscent of a fifth grade school yard and his penchant to resort to petty personal attacks on his critics.

Having failed at his attempt to repeal and replace the 'Affordable Care Act', health care reform legislation is currently off the table. On deck are tax reform, immigration reform, the Iran nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and the North Korea nuclear issue. The outcome on these as well as future issues will determine my level of support for this Presidency.

I await evidence President Trump is capable of having a positive impact on domestic and foreign affairs.


October, 2017