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Until this week, the Democratic attorney general of Connecticut was favored to succeed Christopher Dodd (D) in the Senate. But when The New York Times published evidence - video included - that Mr. Blumenthal had erroneously claimed military service in Viet Nam, the calculus changed.

"I wore the uniform in Viet Nam ...." November 2008

"When we returned from Viet Nam, ...." May 2009

"....since the days that I served in Viet Nam." March 2008

Blumenthal in fact never did serve in Viet Nam, but was in the Marine Corps Reserves stateside, after receiving at least five deferments, according to the (NY) Times.

"In an interview with The New York Times on Monday, May 17, 2010 the attorney general said that he had misspoken about his service during the Norwalk event and might have misspoken on other occasions".

'Misspoke' my ass! The man has disrespected every veteran that has served in a combat zone and has embarrassed the Corps. When his thumbs fall off turn him over and hang him by his toes.

July, 2010