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All-Male Court: Totally Legal To Fire Workers For Being Hot

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- A dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant that he found attractive simply because he and his wife viewed the woman as a threat to their marriage, the all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.

My first reaction upon reading this article was one of amusement. It brought forth the thought of forcing "irresistible hot workers" to wear a burqa to protect men from loosing control over their sexual desires. Then I became upset that because of some man's mid-life crisis, insecure wife and pious pastor a stellar worker lost her job. Now I'm just embarrassed to be of the same gender as this man.

Look, I admire a beautiful woman as much as the next man. Let her walk across the room and my eyes will follow for an instant. I'll think "gorgeous ". It usually ends there because the lady I'm with slaps me on the chest with her purse and points to herself. I'll chuckle, say "yes ma'am", and that's the end of it.

The same sort of holds true in reverse if a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney type walks across the room. No, not with my purse or on the chest, but a light slap on the butt. I'll say "behave". She'll look at me and ask "Why?" (Remember, I said "sort of holds true")

Back to my point. Should a man be forced to sell his Lamborghini because of a neighbor's wanton desire to steal it?

Nobody else should be made to pay for another's lack of self discipline.

Stupid, stupid men.

December, 2012