Yemen Aid Ship
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5/13/205 Iran warns U.S. on Yemen aid ship

A senior Iranian military official warned the United States and its Arab Gulf allies not to stop an aid ship from Iran heading to Yemen, saying that doing so would "spark a fire."

Understand that Iran is the snake in the grass. It will slither here and hiss, then slither there and hiss in an attempt to test ones resolve and provoke a response. Show weakness and it will continue to inch closer to your eggs. Respond with aggression and it will claim to be the victim, giving it the right to strike.

Question: Under what command does the U.S. have the authority to stop and search the Iranian ship?

One might argue that once the Iranian ship enters Yemen waters Yemen President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi has the authority to authorize a "board and search" by U.S. vessels. However, considering President Hadi resigned in January, 2015, withdrew his resignation in February, fled to Saudi Arabia in March and that the Houthi rebels now control much of Yemen that authority is questionable.

If no internationally recognized authority or U.N. sanction exists, the U.S. should let the ship be. If Saudi Arabia or other Gulf Coast States choose to use their naval forces to intervene, so be it.

If the U.S. does have the legal authority to board the Iranian vessel and verify its contents, then do so. Should the snake strike, cut off its head.

May, 2015