Trump Elected President
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11/9/2016 nytimes: Donald Trump Is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment

11-10-2016 Stop Telling Me To Keep Fighting. Today Is About Rage
11/10/2016 Protests Erupt Throughout The Nation After News Of Donald Trump Presidency Breaks
11/10/2016 Tens of Thousands Protest Trump Election Victory, 124 Arrested
11/10/2016 Anti-Trump Protesters Take To streets In Cities Nationwide

Now, now children. Time to put your big people pants on and deal with it like adults.

And drop the self righteous indignation crap. It only serves to reinforce the stereotype of liberals as smug, arrogant elitists.

Midterm elections are in two years. Mobilize, organize, get your message out. If President-elect Trump is as you fear or doesn't live up to the conservative right's expectations, and your message resonates with voters, you can effectively cripple his agenda by giving Democrats control of the House and Senate. Take a page out of the Republican playbook. They did it in 2010. If you can't do that I suggest you grab your blankie and hunker down in your safe place for 4 years.


November, 2016