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Racism: "A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race." It exists to some extent in every ethnic group in every culture. Acknowledge it. Get past it. Most of us who have lived in a mixed ethnic environment have.

I graduated from a integrated high school on the east side of Kansas City.

In combat I never looked to see the color of the man covering my back or the color of the man whose back I was covering.

I've put black, brown and white in body bags and cried equally over each.

I sit on my front step and I see white, black, Asian and Hispanic.

I'm well aware the color of a man's skin has no bearing on his character.

Who hasn't gotten past it? The media: to increase ratings and profits. Politicians: to disparage opponents. Activists: to promote a cause. And of course the bigot: whose intolerances and prejudices expose a severe lack of moral character.

But just for the sake of objectivity I once tried being a racist. This after listening to Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz a couple of times. I mean, I'm a white conservative male so I must be racist. Right? Problem was the musicians wouldn't cooperate.

You see, I kinda like live music. I especially like jam sessions. But the damn musicians seemed oblivious to the fact the drummer was white, the lead guitar was Mexican, the keyboard player was black, the lead singer a female afro-asian and the base player looked a bit like all the above. And Lord they were "ON".

Thus my dilemma. Do I give up my racist ways or music. Duh!

Thank you Mamma Ray, Terry, Geno, Oscar. If only the world were more about appreciating what each brings to the party.

Revised March, 2012