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General Motors has fired 15 employees and disciplined five others in the wake of an internal investigation into the company's handling of defective ignition switches, which lead to at least 13 fatalities.

These should have been President Obama's headlines:

HEADS ROLL AT DOJ:Fast and Furious, a gunrunning sting gone fatally wrong
HEADS ROLL AT IRS:IRS targets conservative groups
HEADS ROLL AT DOD:Frightening. NSA domestic and foreigh spying programs
HEADS ROLL AT VA:Deaths of 18 more veterans escalate VA scandal
HEADS ROLL AT HHS:HHS documents reveal scope of Obamacare rollout disaster
HEADS ROLL AT EPA:EPA joins IRS lost emails club
HEADS ROLL AT STATE DEPT:Assault on US consulate in Benghazi leaves 4 dead

President Obama obviously doesn't understand the concept of accountability. I suggest he invite GM CEO Mary Barra to lunch and take copious notes.

June, 2014