Jack's Enclave - President Obama PBS Interview with Charlie Rose: June 16, 2013
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President Obama says the case of Edward Snowden, the government contract worker who leaked documents about two secret data gathering programs, had been referred to the Department of Justice for "criminal investigation" and Snowden's "possible extradition." Then, President Obama also defended the National Security Agency spying programs and called them "transparent."

I'm a bit confused here. If the NSA spying programs are "transparent", then how could Snowden have revealed anything that was not already obivous. And if everything was already obivous due to transparency what grounds does the goverment have for pursuing a criminal investigation and possible extradition?

Typical Obama. There is no straight line reasoning to his administration's policies. He'll state emphatically it is either black or it is white. But when you point out that that one is blue he'll respond, "Well, of course, unless it's blue. Or any color other than black or white. But if it's not any other color, then, as I said, it's either black or white."

June, 2013