Jack's Enclave - Obama on Syria: 'I have not made a decision'
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How about I help you with that decision Mr. President.

8/28/2013 cbsnews.com: Syria resolution authorizing military force fails in U.N. Security Council

8/28/2013 un.org: Syria: UN-Arab League envoy says 'substance' may have killed civilians, warns against military intervention

The lack of UN Security Council and Arab League support for US strikes on Syria make this a no-brainer. The U.S. should take no military action.

The failure of the UN Security Council to pass a resolution authorizing military force in Syria was a given. Russia has made it very clear it will veto any such resolution. As for the Arab League, I can only assume they do not want to go on record as supporting a strike by the West on an Arab nation. Better to let the US and its NATO allies take full responsibility, thus full blame for the deaths of Muslims.

The US should state emphatically we condemn and abhor the violence and use of chemical weapons in Syria. That we are willing to assist in stopping this senseless slaughter. That we will be right behind the Arab state F-15 Eagle leading any strike. But, without Arab League sanction our only involvement in the Syrian conflict will be at the diplomatic level and in providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees.

The responsibility and shame for taking no military action in Syria must fall where it rightfully belongs. On the Arab League and Russia.

August, 2013