Jack's Enclave - Syria
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(Foxnews.com, February 13, 2012)   Arab League Calls For UN To Create Joint Peacekeeping Force For Syria:

Prior to the Arab League's call for the U.N. Security Council to create a joint peacekeeping force I would have argued against any U.S. involvement in the Syrian uprising. Regardless of our intension or justification, every time we participate in a military action in a Muslim country it bites us in the ass. However, this 21 nation organization, whose population is 90% Muslim, has asked the UN for assistance. As long as any US involvement remains under the auspices of the UN and is supported by the Arab League, I support US assets being committed to the overthrow of Assad. The humanitarian cause is obvious and just. A side benefit would be to further undermine Iran's influence in the Middle East.

I doubt, however, there will be a peacekeeping resolution passed. China and/or Russia would veto it. As for a Special Emergency Session after such a veto, forget it. Even if a Special Emergency Session were called, I question whether you could get each individual Arab League nation to support a peacekeeping resolution, let alone a majority of the General Assembly.

February, 2012