Rep. Nancy Pelosi
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4/8/2018 Pelosi: 'Wealthiest 1% Continue to Hoard the Benefits of the U.S. Economy'
"From the start, the White House and Republicans in Congress have put themselves and their rich donors first, and the American people last.

I cannot believe this woman has the audacity to lecture about income inequity. Consider:

Congresswoman Pelosi has an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million
Her net worth places her in the top one-tenth of the top 1 percent of wealthiest Americans
Out of 435 congressional districts Ms. Pelosi represents the 7th richest voter district in the U.S.
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi raised $49.5 million for Democrats in 2017

Don't get me wrong. It is not my intent of vilify Ms. Pelosi based on her net worth. However, for her to berate anyone based on wealth is the height to hierocracy. It is beyond my understanding how the voters of California's 7th congressional district can continue to support this sanctimonious elitist. On second thought, perhaps the green ribbon Rep. Pelosi is wearing in the graphic to the left explains everything.

Mental Health Awareness is represented by a green ribbon. In the 1800s,
green was the colour used to label people who were considered "insane".


April, 2018