Women In Combat
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9/16/2015 dailycaller.com: Mabus Throws Down: All Combat Positions In Dept Of Navy Will Open To Women
Despite considerable backlash from within the service, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said again Monday that the Marine Corps infantry and Navy SEALs will open up to women, no matter what. "... a more diverse force is a stronger force."

For the sake of diversity the man wants to fundamentally alter the character of the best traditional fighting force in the world and an elite special operations force. Never having served in a combat unit, Secretary Mabus is not qualified to spit shine a Marine's dress shoes, let alone make decisions impacting the combat effectiveness of the Marine Corps' infantry and Navy SEALs. The roll of women in combat must remain the province of military commanders, not some clueless bureaucrat intent on implementing President Obama's progressive policies.

If Secretary Mabus has to be Secretary of something make it "Under Secretary of Latrines". He will have to work for Secretary Kerry since I kinda appointed John Kerry "Secretary of Latrines" in my 12/21/2012 "Brief Comments on Recent Headlines" post.


September, 2015