Botched Oklahoma execution reignites death penalty debate
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Since when has killing a man become rocket science? And who in hell came up with a 3 drug cocktail?

The botched execution of Clayton Lockett, a convicted murderer and rapist who had shot his 19-year-old victim and ordered a friend to bury her alive, has some calling for the use of the firing squad to implement capital punishment. Personally I wouldn't trust the government to select 7 marksmen capable of hitting a 5" by 3" target at 20 feet. Therefore, I present some alternatives.

Long Drop Hanging
Quoting Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, a professor of forensic science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "I think consciousness is lost immediately, but nobody knows for sure. It's a philosophical question." That's good enough for me.

The Guillotine
No question as to its effectiveness. Should one feel the guillotine is too gruesome or is concerned about reports that the condemned might remain conscious for 3-4 seconds after the head is severed, consider the following:
      Dennis Maguire: Raped and sodomized a woman who was 7 months pregnant. He slit her throat, stabbed her to death and dumped her body in the woods.

Inert Gas Asphyxiation
Both helium and nitrogen are said to produce painless death and can be used in existing gas chamber facilities.

Heroine Overdose
For all the bleeding hearts out there. As described by one overdose victim who was revived by paramedics.
      It's like falling asleep, with a beautiful sense of warmth and well-being, just how I imagine I'd feel back in my mothers womb. No pain, just happiness, and even though I knew
      I was going over I didn't panic. I just thought screw it, my time has come, my numbers up, who really cares.

The morality of the death sentence may be debatable. The method of execution need not be.

May, 2014