Sheriff Mike Jolley, Harris County, GA
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11/26/2015 Sheriff's 'Politically Incorrect' Sign Is Soooo Hip And Edgy (*Eyeroll*)

Sarcasam? That's all you got?

The article itself is pretty straight forward. Five short paragraphs and a graphic. Ahhh, but the comments, for which I'm sure the article was intended to elicit:

What offends me is that this self-righteous guy ...
I am not offended by the words, but his actions are highly offensive and illegal.
Those who engage in childish tactics like this Sheriff are just pissy ...
$20 says the "America" he refers to is the Confederacy and not the US.
These republican Christians cant seem to get enough of the false war on Christians and other bull crap.
Harris County, Georgia, should be hit with a massive lawsuit!
A fine example of the Christian Taliban.
What a tiny mind this sheriff has.
But can he "cipher in his head" a' la Jethro Bodine?
It won't stand long. The Southern poverty Law group will see to that.
Bible belt state, what bunch of crap.

Typical lefties. Can't argue using logic so they to resort to pathos retoric, personal attacks and threats of legal action.

Sherff Jolley could have muted most criticism by stating 'you are free to leave' rather than 'LEAVE', which he probably considered. He chose to take the harder line. We'll see if the people of Harris County agree with him when he runs for reelection next year.

Regardless, I like the man.


December, 2015