Jack's Enclave - With The Re-election Of President Obama
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Hold on to your wallet. Tax and spend is the only economic principle this President understands.

Invest in a tutor for the civil service exam. Government jobs are going to be the only employment sector with the opportunity for growth.

File away your copy of the United States Constitution. Reference to it is meaningless under this President.

Revise your household budget. Inflation is going to take a big bite our of your current figures.

Brush up on your ability to grovel (to behave in a servile or demeaning manner). This is the only foreign policy at which this President excels.

Hide your guns. President Obama's support of the UN Arms Trade Treaty is the first step toward eliminating private gun ownership in America. Bye, bye second amendment.

Accept a weaker less capable military, limiting our capability to defend our nation's vital interests.

Whisper anything that might be deemed offensive by the followers of Islam. UN resolution 16/18, supported by President Obama, criminalizes speech which incites violence against others on the basis of religion, race, or national origin. Bye, bye first amendment.

Prepare for further erosion of states rights, whether it involves illegal immigration, recreational marijuana or LGBT issues. Bye, bye tenth amendment.

Forget the "American Dream". A rightous work ethic and self responsibility will gain you less than application for government assistance programs.

Guard your health well. Full implementation of the 2,400 page Affordable Health Care Act, which creates 130 some-odd new government agencies, is going to create caos in our already archaic, fragented, dysfunctional health care industry.

Do not expect a sensible budget policy that will set government spending and tax rates so as to balance the federal budget.

Expect another downgrade of the U.S credit rating leading to significantly higher interest rates which will worsen our nation's fiscal burden and increase uncertainty and instability in both our domestic and the global financial markets.

Expect nothing positive on the issues of: Education reform, border secutiry, illeagle immigration, energy independence, entitlement reform, wasteful government spending, the poverty rate, the division of America along social, racial, economic and political lines.

And the scariest of all:     Biden For President - 2016.

December, 2012