US Mainstream Media Demonizing Muslims
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2/12/2015 US mainstream media demonizing Muslims: American pastor
The murders of three Muslim students on Tuesday in North Carolina is a result of the relentless demonization of Muslims by the mainstream media in the United States, says a political commentator and Lutheran pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

Typical PressTV. Dredge the bottom of the extreme right and extreme left pools of American society until they find an idiot that will pontificate on the evils of the great Satan.

America's mainstream media has bent over backwards not to demonize Muslims. The only condemnation from what could be considered mainstream media has been to criticize Muslim leaders for not stepping forward to condemn radical Islam.

As for the American pastor / political commentator Mark Dankof. A blithering, pompous ass. There is plenty on the web from this guy. Just do a Google search. Nothing more than an anti semantic, America bashing, conspiracy theorist. Belongs in the same camp as "chickens come home to roost" Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Obama's pastor until the President flew the coop amid political flack.

February, 2015