Jack's Enclave - Boy Scouts Will Not Allow Gays To Join
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This one is really easy. If you don't like the policies of the Boy Scouts of America don't support it, volunteer your time or let your boy join.

When it comes to most social and moral issues I tend to be of the "if it don't hurt me or mine" camp. I couldn't care less if one is gay, straight, somewhere in between or a combination of all the above. Just don't attempt to impose your values and beliefs on others of a different persuasion. Asking the Boy Scouts of America to renounce their position on sexual orientation is akin to asking the Gay And Lesbian Activists Alliance to reverse its position on same sex marriage.

To the activists demanding change in organizations that promote traditional values, get over yourselves. You are neither a privileged class nor the victims of some right wing / conservative / religious conspiracy. Just live your life under whatever creed you choose and let others do the same. Start a GLBT Scouts of America and exclude heterosexuals. You have every right to do so. Just as the Boy Scouts have ever right to exclude homosexuals.

Kudos to the Boy Scouts of America for having the cojones not to bow to the pressures of political correctness or activists intent on changing a fundamental tenet.

September, 2012