Jack's Enclave - Illegal Immigration
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Secure the borders. I don't care how. Secure them. Stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants that are already here just leave them be unless convicted of a felony. Most are hard working, productive individuals that have built lives and families here. By not securing our borders and by not enforcing our laws we tacitly invited them here.

No amnesty. No citizenship. Just leave them be. If an illegal immigrant does a crime, he/she does the time and is then deported to their country of origin.

Repeal, amend, whatever, section one of the 14th amendment that grants automatic citizenship to children of illegal immigrants. Grandfather those that are citizens under the current amendment. I don't hold with taking away something that was accepted in good faith.

Stop using the term immigration when referring to issues involving illegal immigration. They are two separate issues.

We do not need comprehensive immigration reform. We need enforcement of existing immigration laws.

July, 2010