Jack's Enclave - Lobbyists
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In my opinion it's as simple as big money giving big bucks to make sure they get what they want politically. In theory lobbying is about education and communication. To bring information to Congress that they would not receive otherwise. In practice lobbying is about swaying politicians to vote on legislation in a way that favors a particular interest. Lobbyists do not impart information to enlighten members of congress or congressional staff members. The purpose of the information they provide is to further their clients agenda.

The chief argument for lobbyists is they serve as an "extension" of a congressional office staff. Given the hundreds of bills and amendments introduced during each legislative session, it's impossible for legislators to guage the potential effects that each may have on affected groups or individuals. Lobbyists assist staff by communicating often complicated issues and by knowing how to break an issue down into relatively small and simple parts. The goal is to simplify the learning process of the Member and/or congressional staff person.

My first inclination is to say eliminate all lobbyists. But can't do that. Lobbying is a protected activity under the first amendment that guarantees rights to free speech, assembly, and petition to government.

So, what to do?

Stay informed on the issues. Track your legislators position on those issues and voting record. And even though he may not be intelligent enough to understand a legislative bill without having it broken down into small and simple parts, or is so over worked he is consistently late for tee times, I'll probably vote him back into office if he is voting, saying and doing what I want. If not, he's history.

July, 2010