American Masculinity
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4/26/2015 When An Icon Of American Masculinity Comes Out As Trans
In 2015, as in 1976, the public's relationship with Bruce Jenner's body will reflect American values.

Bruce Jenner was never "an icon of American masculinity", and certainly never will be. As for reflect "American values", that term has become so ambiguous it is meaningless in any cultural discourse.

Personally, I have no beef with Bruce Jenner. Her coming out as transgender has no impact on me or mine. Couldn't care less. I do find interesting the huffpost's use of this story in it's continuing effort to change the perception of masculinity and to suggest that secular progressive dogma represents the values of most Americans. They might as well go pound sand.

Who do I consider icons of American masculinity? Disregarding politics and going with perceived image, here is a short list of just a few:

   John Wayne    Steve McQueen    Denzel Washington    Edward James Olmos    Sam Elliott    Vin Diesel    Laurence Fishburne

Hell, Michelle Rodriguez would have come in ahead of Bruce Jenner.


April, 2015