Jack's Enclave - Keystone XL Pipeline
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Following are the six major issues cited by opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline with my thoughts on each:

Environmental pollution / health of individuals at the mining site: Not a Keystone XL issue. Canada has stated that the tar sands are going to be mined and exported with or without Keystone XL approval.

Promotes continued dependence on oil rather than alternatives: Not a Keystone XL issue. With or without Keystone XL the U.S.is going to use the same amount of oil. We'll just import it from less secure sources.

Pro Keystone XL politics involved in the approval process (unsavory relationship between TransCanada and the State Department, construction specifications): Replace the personal responsible for making politics an issue with competent, ethical people capable of conducting objective studies and presenting objective data and recommendations.

The economic impact on the US economy has been exaggerated: Perhaps. Nonetheless, to one degree or another the impact would be positive.

Environmental pollution / health of individuals in the event of a spill along the pipeline: A valid issue. However, the capability and technology exists to negate this issue. But, if Keystone is unwilling to comply with the necessary requirements, would be a deal breaker.

Landowner rights. Use of eminent domain to acquire right of way: A valid issue. I am staunch opponent of eminent domain. Keystone will either come to an agreement with each land owner or find an alternate route. If unwilling or unable to do so, again a deal breaker.

The Keystone XL pipeline would be a good thing. I would like to see it constructed. But only if the potentially disastrous consequences of a spill can be mitigated and land owner rights respected.

December, 2011