Give Citizens $1,000 A Month
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4/24/2018 Democratic presidential hopeful wants to give citizens $1,000 a month
A Democratic presidential hopeful for the 2020 presidency (Andrew Yang) is proposing $1,000 a month for all for all citizens between the ages of 18 and 64 as part of a universal basic income program.

I love it when I have an excuse to sound like a progressive. So .....

WTF! What about those older than 64. Intolerable. The man is obviously gerontophobic. Blatant discrimination. Not fit for office. Tar and feather him. Ride him out of town on a rail. Suspend his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hack his website. Call for demonstrations at all speaking engagements. Promote a fake news campaign against him. Slander all his known associates. Open an investigation into his business practices. We simply cannot have a man of such low moral character in public office.


May, 2018