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8/4/2018 vox.com: Trump is insulting LeBron James's intelligence - and Don Lemon's - on Twitter
Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump: Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do. I like Mike!
Dear Mr. President - You are an idiot for taking on one of, if not the, best and most popular players to ever play the game of basketball. If you must respond to Lebron James's criticisms simply state you regret he feels as he does and that by the end of your presidency you hope to have changed his opinion.

7/24/2018 cnsnews.com: 50,000 US Troops in Range of Iranian Weapons, Regime Figure Wanted For Terrorism Warns Trump
"Iran's sword is hanging over the heads of more than 50,000 of your troops, and you are threatening this madly," he said in a Farsi-language tweet directed at Trump. "You be cautious."
Considering 500,000 Iranian military personal are within range of U.S. weapons Iran might want to sheath that sword.

7/21/2018 dailycaller.com: Russia's Foreign Minister To Pompeo: Free Maria Butina
Just deport the woman. Not worth the time, expense and political capital to prosecute.

7/19/2018 dailycaller.com: Vote: Who Is The Most Annoying MSNBC Personality?
Vote? Don't need no stinkin vote. It be Rachel Maddow.

7/14/2018 foxnews.com: Democrat's 'Purple Heart' remark at Strzok hearing spurs veterans to plan protest march
Come on guys. Don't get caught up in the PC, I'm offended crap. I didn't take offense. I understand the intent of the comment.

7/14/2018 cnbc.com: 6 books Barack Obama recommends reading this summer
This is indeed important. Gives me 6 books not to waste my money on.

7/4/2018 independent.co.uk: Iranian general blames water shortages on Israel 'stealing rain from clouds'
An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander has accused Israel of exacerbating the Islamic republic's water shortage problems by "stealing the rain" from clouds that pass over the Mediterranean Sea.
Really? This is the intelligence level of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander?

7/4/2018 cnn.com: Walmart pulls 'Impeach 45' clothing from its website after outcry from Trump supporters
Whatever the reason Walmart did the right thing. Forget the #BoycottWalmart thing.

6/29/2018 cns.com: Michael Moore: 'Electoral College--Get Rid of It, Democrats!'
Michael Moore is alt-left idiot. Given his way he would turn the United States into a decadent third world cesspool. Read my post from December, 2016 'Electoral College'..

6/23/2018 salon.com: Schools must equip students to navigate alt-right websites that push fake news
Wrong. Schools must equip students to navigate all websites that push fake news. Alt-right and alt-left.

6/23/2018 foxnews.com:: How internet sales tax ruling saves shopping malls, mom and pop retail
Disagree. At worst purchasing on line will be a push when taxes are added. Brick and mortar will still not be able to match online selection and convenience. Example; I wanted a stainless steel kitchen sink stopper/strainer and a 512GB USB thumb drive. Drove to Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware. All stopper/strainers were plastic. Drove to Best Buy and Walmart. 512GB USB thumb drives were out of stock. Purchased both items from amazon.com. One order, multiple selections, less expensive even with Amazon adding sales tax. Throw in the cost fuel driving store to store, considerably less expensive.

6/22/2018 presstv.com:: Israel totally incapable of going to war with Iran: Analyst
Me thinks the 'Analyst' has been smoking a bit too much Afgan opium.

6/20/2018 dailycaller.com: 'Fascist Pig!' - Chanting Socialists Chase DHS Secretary Nielsen Out Of Mexican Restaurant
"Sanctuary for all. No borders no walls."
In other words, no nation. Unacceptable.

6/14/2018: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
Question: They're with their parents (illegal immigrants), and then suddenly they're pulled away from their parents. Why is the government doing this?
Sanders: Because it's the law. And that's what the law states.
I don't want to hear 'Because it's the law'. Jim Crow laws, laws that enforced racial segregation, were at one time the law. That did not make them just or morally acceptable.

6/12/2018 insider.foxnews.com: Tarlov: People on Both Sides Believe Nikki Haley Could Be First Female President
Lordie, Lordie. Liberals, progressives, democrats and mainstream media would absolutely loose their minds at the prospect of the first female to become President of United States is a first generation American, a conservative, and a REPUBLICAN. Should it come to pass I hope I'm around to see it.

6/1/2018 salon.com: Do liberals really care about immigrant kids?
Only as a tool to get votes.

5/30/2018 cnn.com: Roseanne Barr blames Ambien: 'I'm not a racist, just an idiot'
Yes ma'am, you are an idiot. You screwed up. Let it go. Get on with the next thing.

5/29/2018 thedailybeast.com: Trump's Plan for Political Survival: Blame Obama for Everything
2/9/2010 usnews.com: Obama Won't Abandon Blame Bush Strategy
All I can do is sadly shake my head at the state of U.S. media and American politics.

5/29/2018 foxnews.com: Rep. Ken Calvert: California Democrats take hypocrisy to new heights in stance on sanctuary laws and National Guard
.... Democratic governor wants to keep these people from entering the state, but if they do sneak in he won't support deporting them?
That's like saying if you initially get away with robbing a jewlery store but are later caught you will not be prosecuted.

5/25/2018 vox.com: John McCain' shocking concession on the Iraq War: it was a "mistake"
There is nothing 'shocking' about' it. See my Feb. 2005 post 'Iraq'.

5/24/2018 dailycaller.com: James Comey Is In Full-Blown Meltdown Mode Right Now
'How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?'
` That's an easy one.
`       5/2018 dallasnews.com: Inept or crooked, Comey deserved to be fired.
        E-mailgate investigation suggests either staggering incompetence or a clumsy effort to whitewash Hillary Clinton's crimes.

5/17/2018 cnn.com: Manhattan to stop prosecuting most low-level marijuana cases in August
Some things on the left I agree with. This is one of them.

5/16/2018 cnbc.com: North Korea says it may blow off Trump meeting, and 'sinister' US won't make it give up nukes
5/15/2018 cnbc.com: North Korea cancels meeting with South Korea, threatens to ditch summit with US over military drills
And so it begins. Same old playbook. Dangle the carrot then threaten to pull it away unless concessions are met.

5/15/2018 motherjones.com: This Man Was Trump Before Trump. He Just Won Pennsylvania's Senate Primary.
As a small-city mayor, Lou Barletta championed a law that made English the official language and punished employers of undocumented immigrants.
As if that's a bad thing.

5/15/2018 foxnews.com: Seattle's new 'head tax' blasted by city's mega-corporations
Starbucks and Amazon are now blasting the decision to slap a new "head tax" on businesses to pay for homeless services and affordable housing -- saying the government's own lack of efficiency is to blame for the city's woes.
What have we here? Trouble in paradise? I guess progressive government is fine as long as it is supported with other people's money and not corporate profits.

5/8/2018 cns.com: NRA's New President (Oliver North) Says He's Not Moses: 'I'm a U.S. Marine'

5/7/2018 foxnews.com: John Kerry's arrogance -- Negotiating with our enemies to undermine Trump and feed his own ego
Ignore this idiot. Former Secretary of State Kerry is simply looking for a way remain relevant.

5/4/2018 huffingtonpost.com: Wet Dreams: The Age Of Fish Sex
Why Is Fish Sex So Hot Right Now? An Investigation
Melissa Broder's "The Pisces," like "The Shape of Water," offers romantic possibility to straight women who feel ready to give up on men.
Fish sex for women ready to give up on men? Really? With this top of the page headline huffingtonpost.com has finally dropped the last straw. It now goes to the bottom of my news bookmarks.

5/5/2018 foxnews.com: Redskins cheerleaders felt forced to escort, entertain men during Costa Rica trip, report says
5/3/2018 npr.org: Washington's NFL Cheerleaders Say They Had To Pose Topless As VIPs Watched
5/2/2018 sports.yahoo.com: Redskins cheerleaders reportedly felt 'worthless and unprotected' on trip
And the moral of the story is; Don't choose to be a NFL cheerleader.

4/29/2018 presstv.com: Iranian Army overhauls F-4 Fighter jet: Report
The 1.5-year-long project at the Shahid Lashkari Air Force Base in northern Tehran Province was finished, using up to 18,000 man-hours, Tasnim News Agency reported on Sunday. It has undergone a final test and restored to the Air Force's fleet.
WOW! Considering the F-4 was retired by U.S. Armed forces in 1996, this must make Iranians swell with pride and instill upmost confidence in Iran's Air Force.

4/26/2018 zdnet.com: Online security 101: Tips for protecting your privacy from hackers and spies
Your phone is your ultimate endpoint. You carry it everywhere and it usually holds your most personal secrets and sensitive information.
The best protection for assuring your privacy is to have nothing private on your phone. Anything short of that and you're at risk.

4/20/2018 salon.com: Republicans "whisper" about rumored Mike Pence/Nikki Haley presidential run
A Pense/Haley presidential ticket? I like it, but not in 2020 if President Trump survives his first term and elects to run for a second.

4/20/2018 cnsnews.com: CAIR Pushes Effort to Block Pompeo Confirmation
I was on the fence with respect to Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. However, if CAIR is against his nomination, I am all in for it. Why? Read post from 2015.

4/18/2018 foxnews.com: Duke students say officials 'traumatizing' them for threatening discipline after crashing speech
I can't believe foxnews.com would give this any coverage. Twenty-five students out of a undergraduate class of 6,600. Doesn't even come close to the 'There's always that 10%' threshold. These Duke snowflakes melted long before reaching the ground.

4/18/2018 huffingtonpost.com: This Trend In Dating Is The 'Worst Decision Any Single Can Make'
Serendipidating is sort of like FOMO applied to your dating life, said Alexis Meads, a dating coach who works with women in Portland, Oregon.
Dating coach? There's such a thing as a dating coach? Lord help us.

4/7/2018 huffingtonpost.com: Why This Woman Wants To Teach Her Peers To Shoot
Marchelle "Tig" Tigner-Washington is on a mission to teach one million women to use a gun.
Incredible. Huffingtonpost.com posting a video that encourages gun ownership.

4/7/2018 huffingtonpost.com: California Bill Aims To Reduce Lethal Force
Assemblyman Christopher Holden (D-Ca): "We should no longer be the target practice or victims of a shoot first ask questions later policeman."
Looks like California is going to face a shortage of law enforcement officers. An ask questions first policy ("What's that in your hand?") is going to lead to an increase in officer deaths, resignations, early retirements and discourage qualified candidates from entering the profession.

4/5/2018 zdnet.com: Google employees protest: 'Stop work on AI for Pentagon drone video analysis'
Google workers call on the company to cease developing AI for warfare.
Another case of the inmates wanting to run the insane asylum. Google workers, either do the work assigned or resign.

4/5/2018 huffingtonpost.com: Indiana Jones Could Be Played By A Woman, Steven Spielberg Says
Ain't no big thing. Angelina Jolie covered that base with 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider' and 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life'

3/29/2018 salon.com: Joe Arpaio vows to bring back "birtherism" if elected to U.S. Senate
Please Sheriff Arpaio, let it go. The President Obama birtherism thing is a dead issue. Nobody cares. Forget a Senate run. At 85 it's time for you to ride off into a beautiful Arizona sunset.

3/22/2018 huffingtonpost.com: Team Trump Really Wants You To Believe It Has No Ties To Russia
No more so than liberal media really wants you to believe Team Trump does have ties to Russia.

3/22/2018 cnsnews.com: Ryan: Democrats 'Walked Away' From DACA Deal
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted Wednesday night that the omnibus is okay with him. Schumer said nothing about DACA.
Democrats do not want a DACA deal. If a deal is reached with the Trump administration in front of 2018 mid-term elections Democrats will loose a major immigration/race issue. Unfortuneatly Dreamers have become nothing more than pawns in the eyes of liberal politicans.

3/18/2018 salon.com: Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero
Riiight. Just like Kathy Griffin is a feminist hero.

3/15/2018 cnn.com: Trump Wants to Give U.S. Military 'Largest Pay Raise in Over a Decade'
It's a start. But more needs to be done. In addition to better pay, better compensation for deployed service member families, full tuitition for a bachelors degree at state universities or accrediated trade schools for 3+ years honorable service and improved VA medical care.

3/11/20018 huffingtonpost.com: Prepare To Binge: The Obamas Are Negotiating A Deal With Netflix
Binge on an Obama Netflix production? I'd rather paint the walls in my home and watch the paint dry.

3/8/2018 reuters.com: McDonald's flips golden arches in honor of International Women's Day
3/8/2018 huffingtonpost.com: McDonald's Flipped Arches Totally Miss The Point Of Empowering Women
It's corporate feminism at its worst.
Thus the state of our society. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

3/7/2018 huffingtonpost.com: Chelsea Clinton Isn't Letting Ivanka Trump Off The Hook
Chelsea Clinton??? Oh yah. I remember her. She's the daughter of that sexual predator and that "What difference does it make now" woman. Now if I can only figure out why anything she says is of any relevance.

3/3/2018 presstv.com: Iran will not talk missiles unless US, Europe destroy nukes, long-range missiles: Commander
More of Iran's puerile rhetoric. Iran knows this is an impossible demand as long as any other country retains theirs. Especially Russia and China, which share Iran's animosity toward the West.

3/3/2018 salon.com: Why Americans are such easy targets for trolls and bots - Sophia A McClennen
The real problem is that the United States is one of the least intelligent nations in the developed world. We aren't good at processing and analyzing information, and that makes us suckers for bots, trolls and all other sorts of disinformation tactics.
This lady nailed half of it. The other half is too many Americans can't be bothered with processing and analyzing information. It takes away from texting, Facebook and Twitter time.

3/3/2018 cns.com: Anti-Second Amendment Activists Attack Responsible Gun Owners
According to the Washington Post, lists of companies that have cut ties with the NRA have been circulating on Twitter.
I have two lists. List one lists those companies cutting ties with or backing away from the NRA. List two lists those companies I choose not to do business with due to political or social activism. Guess what. Every company on list one is on list two.

3-2-2018 cnbc.com: Trump doesn't want gun control, NRA lobbyist says after meeting
Nor do I want more gun control. However, the current system is broken. Current federal and state gun laws should have prevented Nikolas Cruz from purchasing a firearm. In spite of the many red flags, they did not. As a result Cruz killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Parkland, Fl. on February 14, 2018. Fix the damn system!

2/27/2018 huffingtonpost.com: Who Should Pay On A First Date?
This from an old fuddy duddy. I can't speak for the LGBT community but for heterosexuals the man should pay. That's a given if the man asks the woman to lunch or dinner. If the woman does the asking I just assume I will pay. Should the lady insist on paying or splitting the check there probably will not be a second date.

2/27/2018 cns.com: Hungary Slams UN: 'It Is Not a Human Right to Pick a Country Where One Would Like to Live'

2/26/2018 foxnews.com: 'Botched' execution was 'torture' that may have punctured Alabama inmate's bladder, lawyer says
"This was clearly a botched execution that can only be accurately described as torture," Harcourt wrote.
How is it our criminal justice system continues to be so stupid? Please review my 2014 post:   "Botched Oklahoma execution reignites death penalty debate".

2/25/2018 politico.com: Broward sheriff: 'I won't resign'
I'll not judge Sheriff Scott Israel or his deputies without knowing departmental proceedures and hearing their defense of their inaction. But let's get real. In view of media reports that three deputies remained outside the school building during one of the nation's deadliest school shootings, their careers in law enforcement are effectively at an end. All involved should resign.

2/22/2018 huffingtonpost.com: German Cities To Trial Ambitious Free Public Transport Plans
For seven years, local authorities have been trying to provide unlimited public transport, free at the point of access, for a flat 15-euro monthly tax for all residents, Mayor Boris Palmer explained.
Free transportation for a 15-euro monthly tax? What's wrong with that picture? That's like saying we get free education for our children when 3.6% of federal tax dollars go to fund public education.

2/7/2018 msnbc.com: Sen. Durbin: Military parade is 'a fantastic waste of money'
I agree. The money would be far better spent on veteran causes.

2/1/2018 salon.com: White House withdraws South Korean ambassador nomination - because he disagreed with Trump
Well DUH: In the strictest sense, U.S. ambassadors represent the President of the United States in an official capacity in foreign nations and communities. If the man can't support President Trump's agenda he should not be an Ambassador.

1/23/2018 huffingtonpost.com: 9 Questions To Ask On A First Date, According To Divorce Lawyers
If one is seeking advice from a divorce lawyer on the first date he/she has some serious issues to address before dating.

1/23/2018 cnsnews.com: Sen. Dick Durbin Calls DACA 'The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'
No Senator Durbin, DACA is an immigration issue. Not a civil rights issue.

1/21/2018 salon.com: In Alaska, boomers are the legal weed base: "Now they're retired, they want to live it up a little"
Sad state of affairs when getting stoned is considered 'living it up'.

1/18/2018 nytimes.com: HuffPost, Breaking From Its Roots, Ends Unpaid Contributions
That is a good thing. Most unpaid contributor articles were nothing more that heterophobic, misandristic or racist rants.

1/18/2018 salon.com: Trump's first year in office averaged dismal 38 percent approval rating
Considering 90 percent of 2017 network coverage of President Trump was negative (1/16/2018 cns.com) I'd say a 38 percent approval rating is pretty good.

1/13/2018 thehill.com: Obama: Fox viewers 'living on a different planet' than NPR listeners
That be true. Fox viewers are living on planet earth. NPR viewers live on planet delusional, light years from reality.

1/15/2018 huffingtonpost.com: This Is The Violent And Tragic Reality Of Deportation
Many undocumented immigrants flee their home countries fearing for their lives. This is what can happen when they're deported back.
And this is the 'violent and tragic reality' of illegal immigration when illegals are not deported or are allowed to reenter the United States:
`    1/17/2018 foxnews.com: Illegal Immigrant Charged In The Killings Of Two Cops Wishes He 'Had Killed More Of The Mother-------'
`    9/28/2017 dailycaller.com: The Total Fiscal Cost Of Illegal Immigration Is A Staggering $135 Billion (annually), Report Says