Harry Potter Changed The World
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9/4/2018 vox.com: How Harry Potter changed the world

Really? I've read the books. I have the movie series. Has not change my world but has given me many hours of reading and viewing enjoyment.

The article, however, gave me pause. If Harry Potter did change the world what else might I have missed in some of my favorite readings and movies. So I did a bit of research and reflection.

10/20/2007 abcnews.go.com: Rowling Lets Dumbledore Out of the Closet - J.K. Rowling: "Dumbledore is gay, actually".
Well! I certainly missed that. Dummy me for viewing Dumbledore as the loving grandfather type. Guess his addressing Potter as "dear boy" should have been a tip off.

What else. Oh yah. Lord of the Rings. As I think about it the relationship between Frodo and Sam is just way too close. In the end Frodo goes off to Fairyland with the Elves. Yep, definitely gay. And while the final scene of the movie shows Sam with a wife and two children I can only assume he refused to accept his true sexual orientation or went through conversion therapy.

Then there's Dune. Paul's love for riding worms, controlling that big ol' phallus, should have immediately signaled gay. Don't know how I missed it.

My point. All the above are fiction/fantasy. I never viewed any as anything other than entertainment. To those who would portray them as having some type of world changing message or social commentary - Get A Life. Grab a placard promoting your cause and stand in the middle of the 405 in Los Angles. You might find some love there.

June, 2018