Al Qaeda Chief Urges Lone Wolf Attacks
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9/13/2015 Al Qaeda chief urges lone wolf attacks, militant unity
"We must now focus on moving the war to the heart of the homes and cities of the crusader West and specifically America".

From this point on any lone wolf attacks on American soil should be considered an act of war by Al Qaeda. Should an attack occur, find their command and control, training camps, bases, caves they hide in, rocks they hide under. No warnings, no talks, no negotiations, no consideration for sovereign borders. Overtly and covertly, put boots on the ground and destroy.

Don't need to invade a country. Don't need to overthrow a regime. Don't need to rebuild a nation in the American way. Just locate Al Qaeda fighters and send them to their paradise.

Politicians; assign SOCOM the task. Ask what they need. Give it to them. Tell SOCOM "sic'em". Get and stay out of the way.

If ISIL, not to be out done, makes a similar declaration, the same applies.

Hopefully our military still has the intelligence assets, trained dedicated warriors and skilled commanders to accomplish the mission.


September, 2015