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12/31/2015 foxnews.com: Sticking To Their Guns. Countdown to open-carry in Texas
While I am pro gun rights, my gut says open-carry is a bad idea. Time will tell.

12/30/2015 cnsnews.com: Highest Christmas Priority for 59% of Americans: 'Spending Time With Loved Ones'
Only 59%. Disappointing.

12-26-2015 cnsnews.com: CAIR and Co. Warn 2016 Candidates: Spew 'Islamophobia' at Your Political Peril
Muslims represent about 2% of U.S. voters. Conservatives about 38%. - Jack and Co. Warn 2016 Candidates: Pander To 'Radical Islam' at Your Political Peril

12/18/2015 cnsnews.com: Gowdy: List of Visa Overstays Should Be Sent to Firearms Dealers
Dumb idea. Just add the names to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

12/17/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Here Are 11 Ways A Guy Can Tie His Scarf
I suggest that if one is concerned about how to tie his scarf 11 different ways, the term guy, as in 'man', is a misnomer.

12/6/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Liberty University President: If More People Had Concealed Guns, 'We Could End Those Muslims'
Idiot. 'Muslims' are not the problem. Radical Islam is. Generalizations such as Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Christians only serve to further to divide this nation. Within each there are radical factions intent on disrupting, even destroying, American values and principles. Ignor them unless laws are broken. Liberty University Presient Jerry Falwell Jr. is one of those to be ignored.

12/16/2015 foxnews.com: No 'regime change' in Syria
After talks in Moscow, Kerry accepts Russian stance on Assad President Barack Obama first called on Assad to leave power in the summer of 2011, with "Assad must go," being a consistent rallying cry. Later, American officials allowed that he wouldn't have to resign on "Day One" of a transition. Now, Assad's stay could be indefinite.
Can this President take a stand on anything and not back down?

12/16/2015 salon.com: White guys are killing us: Toxic, cowardly masculinity, our unhealable national illness - Chauncey Devega
Really? Consider: According to a 2013 Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report 90 per cent of Black murder victims were murdered by Blacks. Another White hating Black racist.

12/6/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Liberty University President: If More People Had Concealed Guns, 'We Could End Those Muslims'
Idiot. 'Muslims' are not the problem. Radical Islam is. The use of generalizations such as Muslim, Hispanic, Black, White, Jew, Christian only serve to further to divide this nation. Within each demographic there are factions intent on disrupting, even destroying, American values and principles. Ignor them unless laws are broken. Liberty University Presient Jerry Falwell Jr. is one of those to be ignored.

12/2/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Call it What it Is - White Supremacy, Not 'American Terrorism' - Ernest Owens
Call it What it Is - Black Racism, Not 'Black Activism'. Another white hater given a platform to promote the myth of white supremacy and advance the concepts of black victimhood and black privilege.

11/24/2015 cnsnews.com: Earnest (White House Spokesman) Suggests Americans Talk About Gun Control As They're 'Sitting Around the Thanksgiving Table'
If there is any talk about gun control at our table it will focus on our right to own firearms and the government's attempts to take that right away.

11/23/2015 foxnews.com: Should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts?
Might as well follow the Girl Scouts' lead. A boy can join the Girl Scouts, if he considers himself a girl. If a girl considers herself a boy, have at it. As far as I'm concerned the issue is irrelevant, the Boy Scouts having voted to lift the bans on gay boys and gay scout leaders. I would, however, suggest organization name changes. Boy Scouts to Boyish Scouts. Girl Scouts to Girlie Scouts.

11/22/2015 huffingtonpost.com: How The White House Lost Democrats On The Syrian Refugee Bill
It was a mix of politics and weak messaging.
Nothing to do with politics or messaging. Everything to do with thoroughly vetting Syrian refugees.
(Postscript: 12/5/2015 foxnews.com: The ISIS-inspired female terrorist in the recent mass killings in San Bernardino, Calif., reportedly entered the country on a so-called "fiancée visa" that listed a false or at least inaccurate foreign home address.)

11/20/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Dear Gov. Snyder: Syrian Refugees Are Welcome In My Home - Michael Moore
An absolutely splendid idea. If every American living in a state willing to accept Syrian refugees, and who feels as Michael Moore does, would welcome a Syrian refugee or family into their home the issue of where to settle them would be resolved.

11/20/2015 huffingtonpost.com: What ISIS Wants: To Destroy The 'Gray Zone Of Coexistence'
Last week's terror attacks in Paris were horrific and senseless, but for the perpetrators -- the death-cultists of the self-described Islamic State -- they served a specific purpose: to eliminate the "gray zone of coexistence" between Muslims living in the West and their non-Muslim neighbors.
Destroy the 'Gray Zone of Coexistence' my ass. The following quote by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, founder of ISIS, is what ISIS wants: "Killing the infidels is our religion, slaughtering them is our religion, until they convert to Islam or pay us tribute.

11/19/2015 salon.com: The dangerous limits of American empathy: Why do we need reminding that a refugee could be "the next Steve Jobs"?
I submit there is a greater probability that a refugee could be "the next Abdelhamid Abaaoud", mastermind of the ISIS attack in Paris that killed 129 people.

11/19/2015 foxnews.com: 'The unclaimed veteran': More than 1,000 attend funeral for Marine Corps vet with no known family.
'Semper Fi' brother.

11/17/2015 motherjones.com: President Obama Calls Rejection of Syrian Refugees a "Betrayal of Our Values"
"Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values."
I can only assume that by 'our', the President is referring to the values of the left wing progressive establishment. As a right leaning centrist it certainly does not betray my values in view of the government's inability to adequately vet refugees.
(Postscript: 11/19/2015 foxnews.com - Obama threatens to veto House GOP bill on Syrian refugee screening)

11/16/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Immigration Is the Single Greatest Thing to Happen to This Country
I beg to differ. To name only three of many, I propose the Emancipation Proclamation, Women's suffrage and the New Deal are 'greater things' than immigration. And please. Stop using the word 'Immigration' when promoting 'Illegal Immigration'.

11/17/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Nearly Half Of Nation's Governors Want To Reject Syrian Refugees
I don't see a problem here. That leaves over half of the nations Governors that will accept Syrian refugees. Settle them in the states that have no objections.

11/16/2015 abcnews.go.com: Philly Mayor Says US Gun Violence Is Also Terrorism Philadelphia's mayor on Monday called gun violence in American cities "domestic terrorism" that is no different from international terrorism.
To promote a cause, an anti-gun advocate shamelessly attempts to exploit the Paris terrorist attack of November 13, 2015 in which 129 people were killed by ISIL terrorists. The man needs to look up the definition of 'terrorism': the use of violence and intimidation in the 'pursuit of political aims'.

11/16/2015 nytimes.com: U.S. Warplanes Strike ISIS Oil Trucks in Syria
Wow! 116 trucks destroyed. That'll show 'em. 129 people killed in Paris massacre. 116 trucks destroyed in Syria. Almost a one for one. Since there are more people than trucks, guess President Obama feels we'll defeat ISIL by waging a war of attrition.

11/15/2015 nydailynews: Ronda Rousey suffers first loss of MMA career, loses women's bantamweight title to Holly Holm
Not unexpected considering Rousey's many distractions since reaching celebrity status. Had to have an impact on her focus and training.

11/14/2015 foxnews.com: 'Safe spaces' on college campuses run at odds with First Amendment, say law experts.
Don't care. As long as there are no nefarious or disruptive activities, let them have their 'safe spaces'. Ignore them. Just shake your head and chuckle as you pass. That or pity them. For these are the students that will soon be demanding a $15 dollar an hour wage for their career retail and food service jobs.

11/11/2015 foxnews.com: Iran president's French lunch canceled after he wanted wine-free menu, report claims
Typical Islam. Remove anything that might require a person to exercise any semblance of self control.

11/6/2015 nytimes: U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates From Prisons
Looks like the Democratic party is getting concerned about the 2016 elections. They are about to release 6,000 probable Democratic voters from prison. The DNC will probably set up voter registration booths outside the prison exits.

11/8/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Missouri Football Players Strike, Calling For University President's Resignation
They certainly have every right to do so. Just as the University then has every right to revoke any scholarships associated with the players.

10/30/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Dear Ben Carson: Actually, You Are a 'Homophobe' If You're Opposed to Marriage Equality Now - Michelangelo
Dear Michelangelo Signorile: Actually, You Are a 'Heterphobe' If You're Opposed to Others Voicing Their Opinions, Values and Principles.

10/28/2015 foxnews.com: 'Duck Dynasty' star says candidates need to behave
10/22/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Khloe Kardashian Strips Down For The Cover Of her Memoir
I couldn't care less. Really! I couldn't care less what 'Duck Dynasty' stars think or how the 'Kardashians' act.

10/28/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Latino GOP Groups Warn 2016 Candidates To Stop Offending Hispanic Community
"You are not with us now, we will not be with you then."
And we will not be with you after that. Now that we've huffed and puffed at each other, let's try to put America first for the benefit of us all.

10/28/2015 foxnews.com: Inside the Anzob 'tunnel of death' in Tajikistan
'To The Locals, Tajikastan's Anzob Tunnel is known as the 'tunnel of death' - a 3.1-mile, $4 billion dark and hellish connector built by Iran and plagued by flooding, rock slides, choking carbon monoxide clouds and axle-snapping potholes that threaten to swallow whole cars.'
Iranian engineering at it finest.

10/27/2015 foxnews.com: MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry says term 'hard worker' demeans slaves' experience
Thus the reason, while I try, I seldom make it through a full segment of a MSNBC news show. Melissa Harris-Perry, Touré Neblett, Rev. Al Sharpton, as racist as any white bigot.

10/23/2015 time.com: Bernie Sanders Wants to Turn Post Offices Into Banks
03/06/2015 cnsnews.com: The United States Postal Service (USPS) lost $5.5 billion last year.
If you don't understand my point, fire up another fattie.

10/20/2015 dailycaller.com: EXCLUSIVE: Brothel Owner Reveals Why Lamar Odom Was There
Golly gee. Been wondering why a man would visit a brothel.

10/18/2015 foxnews.com: North Korea reportedly willing to sign peace treaty with US to end conflict.
And in return President Obama will probably give North Korea ICBMs that they can use to deliver the nukes they possess.

10/15/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Jenny McCarthy Would Gladly Be Playboy's Last Nude Centerfold
Sad. The end of a distinctly American phenomenon that instilled a sense of appreciation for femininity in many a young man.

10/13/2015 foxnews.com: Christie: Obama is 'woefully out of touch' with Americans
No, President Obama is not 'woefully out of touch' with Americans. He simply does not care about Americans. Wright, wrong or indifferent he is intent on implementing his ideology regardless of the negative consequences to America.

10/11/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Military Officer Recommends No Jail Time For Bergdahl
Sgt. Bergdahl should spend some time in jail. The time between his conviction for 'desertion in a time of war' and when he is placed in front of a firing squad.

10/11/2015 huffingtonpost.com: 6 Steps To Help You Genuinely Forgive Even The Unforgivable
Now that's a stupid headline. A true oxymoron.

10/10/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Trevor Noah Loses It Over Carson's Comments On Mass Shootings
From what I've seen of Trevor Noah, if he ever had 'it', he lost it a long time ago.

10/8/2015 english.farsnews.com: Intelligence Minister - Several Suicide Attempts Foiled in Iran
"The 'arrogant powers' spy agencies have stated that suicidal moves are run (by them) in 5 regions of the world, one of which was Iran, but this enemy's move proved futile thanks to the efforts of the Iranian security and intelligence forces," Alavi said, ..."
What is a suicide attempt? Suicidal move? Is he referring to suicide bombers? A man shooting himself in the head in the middle of Imam Square? Unless Minister Alvi clarifies these terms and produces proof of the 'arrogant powers spy agencies statements', this is nothing but pompous chest pounding garbage.

10/8/2015 foxnews.com: Obama's refugee resettlement plan could stir battle with states
This should not be a problem. Simply settle all refugees in the 10 most liberal states.

10/6/2015 msnbc.com: Trump sends Rubio water bottles, towels
Donald Trump sent a case of water bottles and "Make America Great Again" towels to Marco Rubio, who Trump says is "always sweating."
Evidently Mr. Trump can't campaign against Marco Rubio on the issues so he therefore has to rely on childish antics.

10/5/2015 abcnews.com: U.S. commander: Afghans requested strike that killed 22 at hospital
Our plane. Our missile. Our fault.

10/2/2015 huffingtonpost.com: There Are Not Enough Jobs, And Austerity Is To Blame
But the biggest drag on the U.S. recovery has been years of fiscal austerity at all levels of government.
And the biggest cause of fiscal austerity is government waste, fraud, mismanagement and senseless foreign and domestic expenditures. Clean these up and there will be ample money to invest in domestic recovery programs such rebuilding our infrastructure.

10/2/2015 foxnews.com: Pentagon weighs using force to protect US-backed Syria rebels targeted by Russia
What Syrian rebels, aka Moderate Syrian rebels, Free Syrian Army? These are umbrella terms for Assad opposition fighters in Syria and have best been described as uncoordinated, untrained and hampered by infighting. Forget Assad. Let Russia and Iran take on ISIL. The U.S needs to get out of the Syrian conflict.

10/2/2015 huggingtonpost.com: Guns Kill An Average Of 36 People Every Day, And The Nation Doesn't Even Blink
And alcohol kills an average of 240 people a day. Please read "Score: Alcohol 79,000 Guns 32,000".
After reading gun related articles on today's huffingtonpost.com, salon.com and dailybeast.com I now feel the need to go the gun range and then stop and have a couple of drinks.

9/25/2015 foxnews.com: US reportedly considers keeping troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016
No, no, no. Let the Afgan army, the Taliban and ISIL fight it out.

9/22/2015 abcnews.go.com: Carly Fiorina Says Ben Carson 'Wrong' On Muslim President Comments
Disappointing that Ms. Fiorina either does not understand Islam and/or is pandering for the sake of political correctness.

9/22/2015 cbsnews.com: Iran the "only hope" against terrorists, Rouhani says The Iranian president lauded his country's military as the most reliable force to take on "terrorists in the region," a reference to the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ...
President Rouhnai needs to put his troops where is mouth is.

9/22/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Ben Carson and The Right-Wing Can Learn From the Pope
Must be a typo. They forgot the word nothing. ".... Can Learn Nothing From the Pope."

9/21/2015 foxnews.com: Kerry says US will take 85,000 refugees next year; 100,000 in '17
Hopefully, Secretary Kerry will have no say in what the U.S. does in 2017.

9/21/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Jindal Would Vote For A Muslim Candidate If He Strongly Resembled A Christian
Another tabloid headline from the check out stand by huffingtonpost.com. They take a facetious remark and headline it as if it were intended seriously.

9/18/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Pope Francis' Visit: The Conversation in America Will Change Next Week
From the beginning of his tenure as pope, Francis has used his position to change our conversations about what, and who, is important.
The only thing that will change with the Pope's visit is the headlines in the media. Few in America care what the Pope's position is on anything. Pope Francis needs to focus on saving souls and the Catholic church.

9/14/2015 politico.com: Majority of Americans: Planned Parenthood fight not worth a government
Agree. Abortion aside, Planned Parenthood does too much good for those that need. You don't cut off a finger to get rid of a hang nail. You find a way to trim the hang nail.

9/12/2015 cbsnews.com: California lawmakers approve right-to-die legislation
Occasionally California gets it right.

9/8/2015 foxnews.com: FAITH PROTECTION: Do our public officials need religious freedom law?
No, they do not. The thought of a law that exempts a public official from following the law is absurd. If one accepts a position, one is obligated to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. If for any reason one cannot, resign.

9/6/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Mike Huckabee On Kim Davis: Obey The Law Only 'If It's Right'
Really? Disobey the law if you feel the law is wrong? Sounds more like an anarchist than a man running for President of the United States.

9/5/2014 miamiharold.com: Leonard Pitts, Jr.: 'Religious liberty' cloaks intolerance
And secular ideology cloaks intolerance towards religious beliefs. Why is it that the most intolerant people are the ones screaming the loudest to end intolerance? Quoting Samuel Taylor Coleridge: "I have seen great intolerance shown in support of tolerance."

9/4/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Maddow: Trump Signing GOP Pledge Is 'A Giant Screwup'
"Honestly, what this looks like strategically is a giant screwup -- a beautiful, giant, classy, huge screwup," Maddow said.
So transparent. Ms. Maddow would of course love for Donald Trump to run on a third party ticket. It would split the Republican vote and all but assure a Democratic victory in 2016.

9/2/2015 washingtonpost.com: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: This is the difference between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders
Trump authored his own doom, and Sanders opened immense new possibilities as a compassionate person and serious candidate for president.
Donald Trump is an authoritarian bully. Bernie Sanders is a socialist whoose. Neither should be president of the United States.

9/2/2015 cnsnews.com: Carly Fiorina: 'Not Appropriate' for Christian County Clerk Not to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
"Given the role that she's playing, given the fact that the government is paying her salary, I think that is not appropriate.
The more I hear from this lady the more I like her.

8/29/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Selective Outrage: Hypocrisy at Its Worst - Jeff Schweitzer
The conservative play on Benghazi and Clinton's emails is nothing short of despicable. Perhaps we are witnessing the consequences of a right wing reeling from Obama's successful presidency; perhaps this is a manifestation of conservative desperation.
Conservative play despicable? Obama's successful presidency? Conservative desperation? Mr. Schweitzer needs to put the bong and pipe away and face reality.

8/28/2015 themoreheadnews.com: Davis facing official misconduct charge
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has not been issuing marriage licenses for two months since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal and because of that she now faces a charge of official misconduct.
Personally I don't like the Supreme Courts ruling on same-sex marriage any more than Ms. Davis does, albeit for a different reasons. Regardless, I support the misconduct charge. Ms. Davis should either do the job she is paid to do or resign.

8-27-2015 huffingtonpost.com: MSNBC Moves Al Sharpton To Sunday Mornings
Rev. Sharpton's "Politics Nation" needs to be moved to Tuesday mornings, 2:00 am.

8/25/2015 foxnews.com: Can Biden save the Democratic Party from Clinton?
Perhaps. But who then would save America from Joe Biden

11/7/2014 politico.com: President Obama reaches out to Iran
8/21/2015 cnsnews.com: Iran's Ayatollah: America is the 'Enemy.' 'We Will Confront Them With All Our Power'
Please Mr. President. Grow a pair.

8/21/2015 nypost.com: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site
Way to go Mr. President and Secretary Kerry. Let the fox keep count of the chickens in the hen house.

8/18/2015 salon.com: Trump's Authoritarian Appeal
We assume Trump is benefiting from voters' xenophobia. But what if the real motivation is even more dangerous?
Wrong assumption. Donald Trump is benefiting from voter anger at the partisanship, the lack of authenticity and the pandering that has dominated America's political landscape for the past 40 years and angst over America's future.

8/17/2015 wnd.com: China Scouring U.S. For High-Ranking Defector
China's government has been on the hunt for a high-ranking defector, Ling Wancheng, to bring him back to the communist nation, but the White House has sent out a stern warning, demanding the country cease and desist its search missions.
Or what Mr. President? Or what?

8/16/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Hillary Clinton: Email Investigation Doesn't Matter To Voters I've Met
Try meeting some voters at any presidential candidate's rally other than your own.

8/14/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Halle Berry Is Sexy And Sophisticated In A Sheer, Cut-Out Dress
Got news. Halle Berry would be sexy and sophisticated dressed in a gunny sack.

8/13/2014 abcnews.go.com: Hold It! San Francisco Uses Paint to Fight Public Urination
Public urination has gotten so bad in San Francisco that the city has painted nine walls with a repellant paint that makes pee spray back on the offender.
First, what makes San Francisco think those who urinate in public care if they have pee on their shoes and pants? Second, if one feels compelled to pee in public, San Francisco is certainly the city to piss on.

8/12/2015 foxnews.com: Now the cultural cleansers want to ban a familiar Southern word
Cultural progressives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina want to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair. They say the word "Dixie" is offensive.
Todd Starnes is too kind. Cultural progressives, cultural cleaners? "Cultural Nazis" is a far more appropriate term.

8/9/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Bernie Sanders Shut Down By Black Lives Matter Protesters In Seattle
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was forced to leave a Seattle, Washington rally without speaking after protesters claiming to represent the Black Lives Matter movement stormed the stage and took the microphone from the Democratic presidential hopeful.
Black Lives Matter targets its strongest ally in the presidential field? Confirmed! You can't fix stupid.
This incident also reveals the character of Bernie Sanders. Faced with a difficult situation the man simply acquiesces.

8/4/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Obama Political Staff Overruled Human Rights Experts On Slavery Report
President Obama is not a good man at heart. Every initiative, every executive action is politically motivated. His first question is not "is it right, wrong, just, fair, good for America". His first question is; "Does it promote my political agenda".

7/28/2015 foxnews.com: On their terms? Iran wants to take own soil samples at suspected nuclear site
Right! And NFL quarterbacks want to be the ones responsible for checking that their game balls are inflated to the NFL's regulation of 12.5 to 13.5 pounds of pressure.

7/26/2015 economicworld.net: Hillary Clinton: "Private Email Not Used For Classified Info."
The claim comes following an investigator's charge that Clinton did send classified info using a private email account while at the State Department.
Carly Fiorina said it best: "Clinton 'Lied' About Benghazi, Emails; 'These Go to the Core of Her Character'"

7/20/2015 huffingtonpost.com: It's worse than Jerry Seinfeld says: PC is undermining free speech, expression, liberties
Again I quote Charlton Heston: "Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face".

7/6/2015 reuters.com: Some White House Republican hopefuls want curbs on legal immigration
I have little interest in any white house hopeful's position on immigration that does not begin and end with "secure our borders".

7/4/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Donald Trump and the GOP Share the Same Anti-Immigrant Policies
Wrong. Donald Trump and the GOP Share the Same Illegal Alien Policies.

7/3/2015 foxnews.com: Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times, officials say
This death can be laid directly at the feet of President Obama for his refusal to enforce federal immigration law and secure our borders.

7/3/2015 huffingtonpost.com: This Amazing Web Series Focusing On The Lives Of Trans Men Is Back
To that headline I can only quote Sarah Palin: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh .... this hard".

7/3/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Too Many Think American = Christian This 4th Of July
Nope. "Too Few Think 'America = Christian Values' This 4th Of July".

7/2/2015 huffingtonpost.com: UNEMPLOYMENT AT 7-YEAR LOW
But: Average Wages Flat... Previous Job Gains Revised Downward... More People Dropping Out Of Labor Force... Men Between 25 And 54 On The Sidelines...
Mark Twain said it best. "Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please ..."

7/1/2015 cnsnews.com: Obama: Rainbow-Lighted White House 'A Moment Worth Savoring.'
Is not. Is "A Moment Of Insipidity". It's unfortunate I feel that way. But the more liberal progressives attempt to cram their ideology down my throat the less I care about their cause and the more I move to the political right.

7/1/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Gary Younge: Summer Is Here And Somewhere In America, A Black Man Is About To Be Killed
And so is a White man and Latino man. The day we accept "All Lives Matter" is the day America's racial and ethnic wounds begin to heal. I applaud your return to Britain Mr. Younge. One less race baiting bigot to contend with in America.

6/25/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Roger Ailes Will Run Fox News For Years To Come
Roger Ailes, who built Fox News into a cable news powerhouse, will continue as chairman and CEO for the next several years, the company announced Thursday.
That is a good thing.

6/24/2015 npr.org: U.S. Clarifies Hostage Policy, Saying It Won't Prosecute Families Over Ransom
Mixed emotions on this one. On one hand I emphasize with the families who are willing to pay a ransom for the release of a loved one. On the other I feel ransom payments will increase the number of Americans taken hostage and further encourage and fund terrorism. The real problem, however, is that hostage takers lack any fear of U.S. retaliation. My position at this point is to pay the ransom, then see that the hostage takers use the ransom money to pay for their funerals.

6/24/2015 foxnews.com: Number affected by hack soars to 18M, agency head says nobody 'personally responsible'
Of course not. If somebody were "personally responsible" somebody would have to be held "personally accountable". Might loose their job. Can't have that in the federal government now can we?

6/23/2015 foxnews.com: Charleston: Why didn't anyone help Dylann Roof?
The only help Dylann Roof needs is assistance to the execution chamber.

6/23/2015 cnn.com: Nikki Haley calls for removal of Confederate flag from capitol grounds
Agree. Many Southern whites see the flag as a symbol of their proud, distinctive heritage. I have acquaintances in the North who view the flag as a symbol of individualism and a display of defiance against an authoritarian government. Be that as it may, the stars and bars has become a symbol of racism in America. As such it should not fly over government facilities.

6/19/2015 thedailybeast.com: Behind the Hate Crime Massacre in a Black Charleston Church
Hate crime, terrorist, domestic terrorism, white supremacist, racist. What is it with liberal media and its labels? Only one label need apply to Dylann Roof. "Mass Murder". Only one punishment is acceptable. Death, assured and swift.

6/17/2015 salon.com: Sarah Palin on Rachel Dolezal: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh ... this hard"
Can't help it. I really like this lady. No, I would not vote for her for political office. Too far to the right on too many issues and too often suffers from "foot in mouth syndrome". But as a political figure she is refreshingly candid.

6/12/2015 msnbc.com: Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal falsely portrays herself as black, family says
6/12/2015 foxnews.com: Starnes: NAACP leader: Black trapped in white body?
Oh goodie, goodie. In addition to gender identity we now have race identity to contend with.

6/10/2015 cnsnews.com: 7 Homosexual U.S. Ambassadors: Trade Deals Should Advance LGBTI Rights
Wrong. Trade deals should advance the prosperity of all Americas.

6/11/2015 salon.com: Heaven knows we're miserable now: Reports reveal just how unhappy Americans are - and for good reasons
The article misses the main reason for America's misery. Six years under the presidency of Barrack Obama.

Breitbart Texas has learned that a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter was shot down or forced to initiate an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas due to receiving gunfire from the Mexican side of the border.
The Obama administration's solution will probably be to stop the use of choppers in support of drug enforcement operations along the Mexican border.
No choppers. No getting shot down. No problem.

6/4/2015 huffingtonpost.com: State Dep't: U.S. 'Not Going to Partner With a Brutal Dictator' to Defeat Brutal ISIS
"And -- look," Harf continued. "There's nothing ideological about standing up and saying Bashar al-Assad has no place in the future of Syria. And we are not going to partner with a brutal dictator like that to defeat a terrorist organization."
Stupid. Which is an imminent threat to Americans? Bashar al-Assad or ISIS? Partner with the devil if that's what it takes to defeat ISIS. Then take on the devil if he is next on the list.

5/30/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Poll Shows That A Tax Increase Can Be Popular, Even Among Republicans
"Washington does not have a revenue problem. Washington has a spending problem." - Speaker of the House John Boehner

5/22/2015 cnsnews.com: Survey: Only 6% of Adults Are 'Very Confident' Gov't Can Keep Their Records Private, Secure
Meanwhile, according to Pew, only six percent (6%) "of adults say they are 'very confident' that government agencies can keep their records private and secure." 25 percent say they are "somewhat confident" that government can keep their records private and secure.
That means 31% of adults are delusional.

5/16/2015 foxnews.com: Source: Army's elite Delta Force kills top ISIS official, Abu Sayyaf, in rare Syrian raid
This is the future of "boots on the ground" in the fight against terrorism.

5/13/2015 politico.com: Chris Christie: 'I wasn't ready to be president four years ago'
Nor is Gov. Christie fit to be president now.

5/14/2015 foxnews.com: Boston U prof now sorry for 'indelicate' tweets blasting white men.
A newly hired Boston University professor is sorry for her "indelicate" tweets bashing white males and vows to be fair to all of her students, after the school's president and several alumni complained that her comments were bigoted.
No they were not "indelicate". Yes they were "bigoted". But more to the point, they were "racist".

5/11/2015 newsmax.com: President Donald Trump Would Build a 'Real Wall' at Border
"Building a wall for me is easy. And it would be a wall. It would be a real wall. Not a wall that people walk over."
Occasionally Mr. Trump says something that makes since and that I agree with.

5/7/2015 politico.com: White House to Netanyahu: Looking forward to working with you
President Barack Obama "looks forward" to working with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new governing coalition, according to a statement released by the White House on Thursday.
Blah, blah, blah. Nothing but more lip service from the Obama administration.

5/8/2015 foxnews.com: FEDS PROBE BALTIMORE
AG Lynch announces investigation of police dept: Ben Carson calls for transparency in Baltimore investigation
Good luck with that one Dr. Carson. It is only through a lack of transparency our government in general, and this administration in particular, can "appear" to have accomplished anything.

5/10/2015 cnsnews.com: State Dep't: US Supports Israel at UN to Defend UN Credibility
Stupid statement. The U.N. has no credibility.

5/6/2015 huffingtonpost.com: How to Talk to Your Kids About Bernie Sanders
"The last time we tried to explain a government shutdown to my 10-year-old ..."
Talk about Bernie Sanders? Explain government shutdown? TO A 10 YEAR OLD? Good God! No wonder this country is so screwed up. Buy the kid a baseball, glove, bat, a football and a bicycle. Tell him to go outside and play and to come home when the street lights come on.

5/6/2015 english.farsnews.com: Leader Rejects Continued N. Talks under Threat
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday dismissed the US war rhetoric against Iran as empty, boastful remarks, but meantime, warned that Tehran would not negotiate under threat.
Not a problem. Gather up your toys and go home.

5/5/2015 foxnews.com: States wasting millions by getting sloppy on ObamaCare's Medicaid rolls, critics say
"What Arkansas and Massachusetts tell us is that the Obama administration doesn't care about being responsible with the billions of taxpayer dollars being wasted by ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion"
Of course President Obama doesn't care. Six plus years in office and the ACA is the only signature accomplishment the man can claim. Acknowledge its failures and he has nothing.

5/4/2015 cnsnews.com: Kerry to Israel: 'I Absolutely Guarantee' the U.S. Can Stop Iran From Getting Nuke
Of course we "can" Secretary Kerry. The issue is "will" we stop Iran from getting nuke.

5/3/2015 wsj.com: Gulf States Want U.S. Assurances and Weapons in Exchange for Supporting Iran Nuclear Deal
Unfortunately, President Obama couldn't care less what the Gulf States want. If he did care he'd scrap the Iran nuclear talks and arm the Gulf States to the teeth.

5/2/2015 foxnews.com: TOO RISKY:
Hundreds of Americans stranded in Yemen during unrest THE STATE DEPARTMENT reportedly deemed any mission trying to rescue Americans still trapped in embattled Yemen too risky to attempt because of the threat of attacks from Houthi rebels and an Al Qaeda affiliate.
HEY! What happened to the Obama administration's "We do not leave our people behind", the President's justification for the Sgt. Bergdahl swap. I guess the President doesn't see any political gain in this one.

4/30/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Dear White America: Toya Graham Is Not Your Hero
I agree. She should be black America's hero.

4/30/2015 foxnews.com: Sen. Cotton calls out Iranian foreign minister on Twitter, calls for debate
Senator Cotton, your an idiot. Have you watched the interviews with this guy? He'd chew you up and spit you out.

4/28/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Here's What the Social Science Says About Countering Violent Extremism
I would rather rely on what military science says about countering violent extremism. Borrowing from the old adage "you can't fix stupid", "you can't cure evil".

4/28/2014 cnsnews.com: Eric Holder: DOJ Now 'Free of Politicization,' 'Restored' Under His Leadership
"It's restored to what it always was...and what it must always be -- free of politicization, focused on the mission, and making sure that justice is done without any kind of interference from political outsiders."
If the man truly believes this he is delusional. I doubt, however, that is the case. It is more probable this is an attempt to instil some semblance of competence and achievement to his legacy.

4/26/2015 dailycaller.com: Palestinian Group At MIT Tried To Cancel Israeli Independence Day Carnival Because It Makes Students Feel 'Unsafe'
Somehow the word Palestinian makes me feel a lot more unsafe than the word Israeli, as I'm sure it does to many MIT students. If "unsafe" is the criteria, then the group Palestine@MIT, which called for the cancellation, should have its MIT funding cancelled, be banned from any group activities on the MIT campus and be forbidden to use "MIT" in the groups designation.

4/26/2015 cnsnews.com: Kerry on Being Secretary of State: 'Best Job in the World . I'm Loving It'
Who wouldn't love it! Fly the world in your private jet. Stay in the best of accommodations. Eat the best of foods. All while having to accomplish nothing that enhances American's standing in the world or be held accountable for anything.

4/25/2015 foxnews.com: Iraqis to get American F-16s - but can they fly them?
Might as well have just given the F-16s to Iran.

4/24/2015 english.fars.com: Senior Cleric: Al Saud's Aggression on Yemen Meant to Test US-Made Weapons
And the problem is?

4/23/2015 huffingtonpost.com: After Getting Called Out, Elizabeth Warren Accuses Obama Of Deliberately Hiding Trade Details
"Here's the real answer people have given me: 'We can't make this deal public because if the American people saw what was in it, they would be opposed to it.'"
More of the Obama administration's "I know what's best for you, whether you like it or not. Just trust me".

4/22/2015 realclearpolitics.com: GOP Hopefuls to Selves: Project Optimism!
Worked for President Obama in 2008 and 2012. Unfortunately that's all we got, a projection of optimism. No substance. Just "don't worry, be happy".

4/20/2015 salon.com: The GOP's looming Social Security war ...
Gov. Christie: "... it seems to me that if you're making over $200,000 a year in retirement income, you don't need to get Social Security."
Liberal media spin: "... big, macho Republican demanding that the government cut the meager benefits of the old and sick ..."

4/22/2015 cnsnews.com: Ayatollah: U.S. Fabricated Iran Nuclear Myth; Any Attack Will Be Met by 'Fist'
I'll see your "Fist" and raise you with a M16A4.

4/16/2015 huffingtonpost.com: This Senator Wants To Get A Woman's Face On The $20 Bill
Better make it the $100 bill. They're a lot more expensive than they use to be.

4/16/2015 presstv.com: Top official: Europe may need Iran gas
Europe keeps the possibility of importing gas from Iran open as it seeks to diversify sources of energy, EU Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete has said.
Good luck with that European Union. Reliance on Iran for energy sources would just be giving Iran the noose it will someday use to hang you with.

4/15/2015 nytimes.com: One Company's New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year
Nice to see a man, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, who has not let personal greed dictate employee compensation policy. And what an outstanding justification: "This is a capitalist solution to a social problem," Price said. "I think it pays for itself, I really do."

4/13/2015 washingtonpost.com: Rand Paul releases anti-Hillary Clinton ad
Sen. Rand Paul released the first ad of his presidential campaign Sunday, slamming Hillary Clinton on the day she is expected to announce that she is running for president.
And so it begins. The attack ads. Sen. Paul just dropped a notch on my list.

4/12/2015 cnn.com: Barack Obama and Raul Castro meet, launch new era of U.S.-Cuba ties
Personally, I don't have an issue with this. Had relations with Cuba been normalized 40 years ago the United States would by now consist of 51 states, the Castros would be but a memory and the U.S. would include, what I understand could be, a nice Caribbean playground.

4/10/2015 cnsnews.com: Christians to Gays: We'll Accept Your Business and Donate Your Money to 'Traditional Pro-Family Lobby'
What an absolutely "outstanding" idea. Normally I couldn't care less about one's sexual preferences. Each to his own. But recent attacks by the LGBT community on Christian businesses lead me to support this initiative.

4/9/2014 weeklystandard.com: Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses WH of 'Lying,' Being 'Deceptive,' and Having 'Devilish' Intentions
4/12/2014 foxnews.com: Obama says partisanship wrangling over Iran nuclear deal 'needs to stop'
What is wrong with this President? Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, accrues him of lying concerning the nuclear agreement "framework" and he criticizes congress for questioning the agreement. This guy is really messed up!

4/9/2015 foxnews.com: Fox News Poll: Voters say government is the problem, taxes are too high
"A record number of American voters think they pay too much in taxes. In addition, they think government is more often the source of America's troubles -- not the means of fixing them."
Golly gee. Imagine that from a Fox News poll.

3/30/2015 salon.com: The secret to shame-free sex - Rachel Kramer Bussell, DAME
If you're having a conversation about sex with someone in the U.S., you are probably also, implicitly or explicitly, also talking about shame. The two are intertwined, ...
Sex and shame are intertwined? Lady, your messed up. Get help.

3/27/2015 npr.com: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Is Charged With Desertion
Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.
That's the first step. Next will be a military preliminary hearing which should find there is sufficient evidence to merit a court-martial. Then a court-martial in which he should be found guilty on both charges and sentenced to a minimum of life without parole in federal prison. Personally, in view of the six soldiers that died hunting for him after he went missing, a sentence of death would not upset me. However, civilian and political influence over our military being what it is the death penalty is unlikely.

3/24/2015 foxnews.com: Is the Obama administration losing the war on terror?
The Obama administration has never had a war on terror.

3/24/2015 wsj.com: Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S.
The White House discovered the operation, in fact, when U.S. intelligence agencies spying on Israel intercepted communications among Israeli officials that carried details the U.S. believed could have come only from access to the confidential talks, officials briefed on the matter said.
This is priceless. Politicians are upset with Israel because U.S. spy operations on Israel discovered Israeli spy operations on the U.S. UFB.

3/22/2015 huffingtonpost.com: An Expanding U.S. Postal Service Is Very Possible - Ralph Nader
What about other sources of revenue? Establishing an honest notary service, cashing most checks, selling fishing and hunting licenses, wrapping holiday gifts, and accepting wine or beer for delivery are just a few congressionally prohibited proposals that have been put forward by postal activists and watchdogs.
I don't have enough space to address all the wrongs with these proposals so I'll just ask Mr. Nader, "When was the last time you stood in a line 15 people deep for 45 minutes just to mail a single package?"

3/22/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Ted Cruz To Announce Presidential Run On Monday: Report
Don't cha know this has the liberal press salivating. Going to be interesting. By the last whatever I looked at there are 20+ potential Republican presidential candidates. Unless Republicans circle the wagons and put the 5-6 most viable candidates in the middle the left is going to have a field day picking off all front runners. So Republicans, set up your parameter, mark your fields of fire and for the sake of this nation take a hit if you have to.

3/21/2015 cns.com: Obama: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Has Issued Fatwa Against Development of Nuclear Weapons
And that means nothing. A fatwa can be withdrawn by the authority that issued it. For sure Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei could at any time come up with a multitude of reasons to withdraw the fatwa.

3/20/2015 huffingtonpost.com: HuffPost Interviews Obama
I don't care to read an interview with a junior varsity sub trying to play on a national stage. Especially when the interview is conducted by a rag more suited for the check out stand at the supermarket.

3/19/2015 news.yahoo.com: Obama orders 40 percent cut in government's greenhouse gases
This one is so easy. Since human beings breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide simply cut the federal workforce by 40 percent.

3/19/2014 foxnews.com: Bill to create hostage rescue czar wins defense secretary's backing
A bill to better coordinate government-wide efforts to free U.S. hostages held abroad is winning early support from the Pentagon chief.
Stupid waste of time, money and resources. There should be no negotiations for hostages. That leaves military action the only option. Turn the hostage rescue operation over to the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Tell them "fetch" and get out of their way.

3/16/2015 cnn.com: Russia was ready to put nuclear forces on alert over Crimea, Putin says
"Russian people live there," Putin said of his policy toward the Crimea after the fall of Ukraine's former pro-Moscow leader, Viktor Yanukovych. "They were in danger. We cannot abandon them."
By this logic we had better prepare for Mexico to invade Texas, Arizona and New Mexico should Republicans have control of all three branches of government after the 2016 elections.

3/16/2015 huffingtonpost.com: The Immigration Debate Is Not About Legality, It's About Culture
No, it is not about culture. It is about legality. Again the progressive mind set. If the facts do not support their ideology they repackage the issue into something they think they can sell.

3/13/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Obama Calls For Improved Veterans' Care During Visit To Troubled VA Hospital
The administration announced on Friday the creation of a new advisory group made up of public officials and leaders from the private sector to advise on further improvements.
Advisory group? Why an advisory group? Don't need no stinkin advisory group. Just give VA Secretary Robert McDonald the resources and authority to provide our veterans with medical care equal to the best the private sector has to offer. Another example of government inaction and waste.

3/12/2015 foxnews.com: Is photo of baby in flag patriotic or disgraceful?

3/07/2015 washingtontimes.com: American flag banned by Calif. university students to create 'inclusive' atmosphere
3/11/2015 foxnews.com: Professors: US flag symbolizes racism, should not be displayed on campus
Note at the top of my index page: "This web site is my "enclave" in a nation that is increasingly foreign to me." Any questions?

3/4/2015 foxnews.com: NTSB reportedly considers re-opening probe of Buddy Holly plane crash
What? To what end? If the NTSB has nothing better to do than reopen a 56 year old plane crash investigation that has no relevance to travel safety in 2015 perhaps a budget cut is in order.

3/3/2015 huffingtonpost.com: How Women Can Rise Above The 'Bitch' Label At Work
Uh, how about not being a bitch to begin with.

3/3/2015 politico.com: It's Up to the United States to Solve Boris Nemtsov's Murder - Bill Browder
I've dealt with the Russian justice system. Putin's "investigation" will go nowhere.
I agree Putin's investigation will go nowhere. But it is not up the the United States to solve Boris Nemtsov's murder. Nmetsov's murder is domestic Russian affair.

3/3/2015 dailycaller.com: Chris Matthews - Netanyahu 'Tried To Take Over US Foreign Policy'
Adding in his two cents to Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Tuesday address on a possible deal with Iran, MSNBC host Chris Matthews took direct shots at the Israeli government head, saying he "tried to take over U.S. foreign policy."
Somebody needs to.

3/2/2015 foxnews.com: Walker: 'My view has changed' on immigration reform
"My view has changed," Walker said in a "Fox News Sunday" interview taped Friday. "I'm flat out saying it."
Call it a flip-flop. Call it pandering to the conserative base. Gov. Walker did not him-haw around, try to evade the question, make excuses or give a convoluted answer nobody could follow. Regardless of how I feel about his position on immigration this as an admiral trait.

2/26/2015 cnsnews.com: Kevin Spacey Slams GOP: They 'Block Every Single Thing' Obama Wants
That is because every single thing President Obama wants should be blocked.

2/26/5015 foxnews.com: Divorcing billionaire claims wife spends $1M per month
Kind of gives new meaning to the term "high maintenance", huh?

2/22/2015 foxnews.com: 1,000 people join in Muslim 'ring of peace' outside Norway synagogue
Mainstream Islam at its finest. Praise Allah. Praise Yahweh. Praise God.

2-19-2015 cnn.com: Obama proclaims: 'We are not at war with Islam'
Why does the man keep proclaiming this? No one, except maybe a few fringe right wing extremists, has claimed we are. Islam as lived by most Muslims is not a problem. Islam as practiced by the likes of ISIS, Al-Quada, the Taliban and Boko Haram is. Why does the man continue to distort this fact for ...... Hell, I don't even know for what anymore. It's almost as if he wants us, Americans, to feel we are at war with Islam so he can feel morally superior.

2/19/2015 cnsnews.com: Kerry: 'Gullible' ISIS Recruits Attracted by Perception of Glamor and Success, Not Religious Fervor
And that makes a difference why? One might argue that to defeat an enemy one must understand the motivation of those joining enemy forces. Secretary Kerry seems to feel that the motivation for joining ISIS is glamor and success. The most effective way to counter this perception is by killing ISIS fighters. There's little glamor or success in taking a bullet to the head or having your body parts scattered over the battle field by an air-to-surface missile.

2/15/2015 cnsnews.com: Biden Refers to Friend in Iowa as His 'Old Butt Buddy'; Networks Ignore
... "things got awkward when Joe Biden stumbled over his words, because, you know, that's never happened before."
And this man is considering running for President of the United States? Seriously?

2/13/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Ode To Psychedelic Sex Reminds How Wild Romance Can Be (NSFW)
Psychedelic sex and romance have absolutely nothing in common.

2/13/2015 huffingtonpost.com: Chris Christie's Ratings Drop To A Record Low
This is a good thing. The man comes across as an arrogant thug.

2/13/2015 washingtonpost.com: Bush blows away GOP rivals with 2016 war chest
This is a bad thing. We don't need a milk toast moderate leading this nation.

2-5-2015 huffingtonpost.com: Jordan Launches New Airstrikes After Vowing Harsh War On ISIS
NOW Mr. President. NOW! The gun is pointed directly at the heart of ISIS. Pull the damn trigger. Provide the Jordanians with the arms, logistics and military intelligence it needs to extract its revenge. You failed those fighting ISIL in Syria. You failed the Kurds in northern Iraq. ISIL grew stronger. Bolder. Thousands died.

2/1/2015 foxnews.com: How squids 'talk' to each other
That's an easy one. They say things like "Aye Aye Captain" and "Permission to come aboard".

1/24/2015 motherjones.com: "Be a Man." What Does That Even Mean? - Michael Mechanic
It's a man thing. You wouldn't understand.

1/23/2015 huffingtonpost.com: The GOP's Big Weekend: So Much Extremism, So Little Time
As the presidential primary approaches, the GOP's candidates are scrambling to win the support of theocrats, bigots and anti-immigrant extremists. What they don't seem to realize is that that will make it much harder for them to win the respect of the rest of us.
And explain to me again why GOP presidential candidates would want the respect of hypocritical, race bating, genderless, misandrist liberal elite champagne socialists.
WOW! Whole lot of name calling going on. Guess we showed each other, huh

1/19/2015 huffingtonpost.com: I'm tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people - PRISCILLA WARD
Then don't suppress yourself. Not a problem as long you don't expect white people to suppress themselves to appease you.

1/16/2015 usatoday.com: 2 terror suspects dead, 1 in custody after Belgium raid.
Why is one in custody?

1/15/2015 dailycaller.com: Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Diversity Task Force Meeting After 'Selma' Oscar Snub
Of course he does. Has to find something to keep the racial fires in America stoked.