Jack's Enclave - Dear Mr. President
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President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500-0004

Dear Mr. President:

Why Mr. President? Why are you turning me into an angry man? I don't want to be an angry man.

In 1966 I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. From September 1967 through October 1968 I served in Viet Nam. My MOS: 0311 / Infantry Rifleman. With an almost certainty of going to Vietnam and the probability I would go as a grunt, I enlisted in the Marine Corps because I believed in this nation and the principles it was founded upon. Now you Sir, through the actions and rhetoric of your administration, are telling me and the generations that fought and died before me, that those principles are wrong or somehow do not apply in today's world.

Those principles are not wrong! They do apply in today's world!

You pass health care reform through reconciliation, circumventing the will of the majority.
You refuse to secure our borders. Then you bring suite against the state of Arizona for attempting to protect its citizens.
You pass and implement an ineffective stimulus bill, then spin, twist and expound half truths concerning its effectiveness.
You display total incompetence, or is it indifference, with respect to the gulf oil cleanup effort.
You refuse to acknowledge a true enemy. Islamic radicalism / extremism.
You align yourself with what I consider anti-American elements: Wallis, Wright, Brooks, Van Jones, Malley, Brzezinski, Ayres, Cirincione.
You disregard the legislative process through executive orders, recess appointments and czar appointments to pass, approve, confirm, or decree that which you know the majority disapproves.
You attempt to divide this nation along political, social and racial lines for no other reason than to secure votes and promote your progressive agenda.

Up to now I have tried very hard not to criticize you as an individual. But your disregard for the will of the majority, the fundamental principles this nation was founded upon and your arrogant "Father Knows Best" attitude have taken me over that line. You use your rhetorical skills to mask your true agenda. You employ deception and misdirection as designed tactics to mislead the citizens of this nation as to your true objectives. You dismiss the American public as ignorant, requiring your guidance.

Initially I considered you a man of honor. Misguided perhaps. But honorable. No longer.

Honor, honesty, integrity have no meaning for you. You appear to feel any means you employ are justified by the ends you seek.

With all due respect Mr. President, you disgust me.


Jack A. Melton

July, 2010