Jack's Enclave - To My Pro Gun Brethren
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The days of being able to legally purchase an AR (automatic rifle) are soon to be gone. Sandy Hook sealed the deal on this one. First it will be the ARs. Then magazine fed handguns followed by revolvers and automatic shotguns. On and on until the only weapon that can be purchased legally will be a slingshot.

Our lawmakers will continue to treat the symptoms rather than the illness. The illness being our loss of moral values, dignity, compassion and a since of honor and responsibility. We became a great culture, a great nation, because these values were instilled in our youth at an early age and reinforced throughout life by family and community. Instead of promoting an environment designed to foster these traits, however, government will continue to attempt to legislate them. This has never worked. It never will.

As for the success of the government's, let's call it the "war on guns", it will be about as successful as the war on drugs. The bad guys will have the control and reap millions in profits. Those that want will still get their product.

January, 2013