The historic promise of the Iran nuclear deal
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7/31/2015 "Our closest allies were once our most bitter enemies": The historic promise of the Iran nuclear deal.

By providing Iran with the time, resources and latitude to develop its nuclear capabilities, the only historic promise President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran brings is that it will be America's Munich Agreement. Perhaps not in my life time, but certainly in my children's and grandchildren's, the world will pay a heavy price for this act of appeasement, just as it did for Prime Minister Chamberland's deal with Germany.

The article references Britain, Japan, and Germany as our once "most bitter enemies". What the author fails to acknowledge is that each was defeated by an act of war, not by making a deal.

War with Iran, in the military sense, is not, and should not, be on the table. Tighter sanctions would have been the way to go. Unfortunately the United States no longer has the political and economic clout to form an effective sanctions coalition. We have become weak and ineffectual in our ability to impact world affairs and an unreliable ally. The weak sister the world scoffs and chuckles at.

I don't know the answer to bringing American back to a position of world prominence with the capability to instill Western civilization values throughout the world. But if we are destine to become a nation of mediocrity I'm about of the mind, borrowing from Neil Young's "My My, Hey Hey" lyrics and Highlander the movie; "It's better to burn out than to fade away."

Looking for a leader that would rather we burn out trying to re-establish America's leadership and prosperity rather than let us simply fade away to bush league status.

August, 2015