Student Resorted to Prostitution to Meet NYU's Soaring Price
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9/10/2015 With No Other Choice, This Student Resorted to Prostitution to Meet NYU's Soaring Price
There was a moment at the rally when the nature of that beast was suddenly, and unforgettably, revealed; when "Mandy," an anonymous NYU junior, took the stage (face hidden by a mask from Eyes Wide Shut) to tell exactly how, and why, she had no choice but to become a prostitute to meet NYU's soaring price.

In view of the following out takes from the article why would this student insist on attending a university that is ranked 32th in the 2015 National Universities Rankings (

...starkly misdirected by their buccaneering boards and pampered managers
...severely damaged by their trustees' serial construction plans and other wild investments.
...been screwed over by the neoliberal seizure of our universities
...shattering ordeal that's more widespread at NYU than any other school in the United States
...increasingly ripped off
...ever-growing army of untenured faculty, earning fast food pay to do the lion's share of teaching
...the tenured faculty, squeezed out of governance, and making ever less (while topmost bureaucrats make more and more)
...staff who struggle in the trenches every day to keep their institutions functioning, despite the serial slashing of their ranks and budgets.
...infamous for its eye-popping prices
...slim financial aid
...inordinate debt burden of its graduates
...NYU now represents the avant garde of everything that's wrong with U.S. higher education

The lady did have other choices. The most obvious, attend another university. She is simply another one of those that refuses to take responsibility for the consequences of her decisions.


September, 2015