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In a September 1, 2012 campaign speech in Urbandale, Iowa, in referencing the recent Republican National Convention, President Obama said, "What they offered over those three days was more often than not an agenda that was better suited for the last century. It was a rerun. We'd seen it before. You might as well have watched it on a black-and-white TV."

So I viewed the rerun of the 20th century:

A free market economy that provided opportunity and rewarded work, thrift, and responsibility.
Widespread economic prosperity.
The conquering of tyrannies and fascist ideologies abroad.
Low barriers to entry and operation of businesses not inundated with regulations, permits, fees and high taxes.
Federal government policy promoted a stable housing market, growing economy and private sector employment.
An affordable public education system that was the envy of the world.
A civil rights movement that lead to the abolishment of unjust laws based on race.
Medical and science advancements that increased life expectancy from 45 years in 1900 to 76 years in 1999.

Then I viewed President Obama's lineup for the 21th century.

Expansion of federal government power at the expense of states and personal rights.
Crushing, multi-trillion dollar intergenerational debt.
Evisceration of America's military.
Continued dismantling of the constitution.
Continued rise in energy costs with the expansion of a failed energy policy.
An expansive, de facto amnesty program for illegal aliens via both executive order and inter-agency directives.
A massive new bureaucracy with the creation of millions of new federal jobs funded by the private sector.
More multi-thousand page laws adopted so the bureaucracy controlled by Obama appointees will have sole discretion in interpreting vaguely written laws.

PLEASE! Give me the 20th century rerun.

September, 2012