Stood Alone
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10/12/2016 The day a college football player stood alone to honor America

I salute Connor Brewer:

For his partitotism - standing during the national anthem.
For his courage - doing so when his teammates and coaches choose to stay in the locker room.
For his loyalty - declining to be interviewed out of respect for his coaches and his team.

Through his actions Mr. Brewer has displayed three character traits that once helped define American cultural. Traits that in spite of our squabbles, disagreements, and yes, injustices, united us as a nation. Flawed as we have been, and are, in a time past we honored the nation that gives us the right and freedom to express our grievances and to attempt to resolve our differences while maintaining our identity as a diverse yet cohesive peoples.

Thank you Connor Brewer for taking me back to a time when honor and dignity were relevant terms. Terms that helped define us as individuals and as a nation. A nation worthy of the pride we felt in ourselves and the respect the world bestowed upon us.


October, 2016