Jack's Enclave - Note To Politicians
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I am so very tired of hearing the words Republican and Democrat, us and them, we and they. Just act on the basis of what is moral and fair, not on the impact to your next campaign or your personal prejudice.

Be mindful of your role. You have been elected to be a servant of the people. Do not presume to be our leaders. Such arrogance is at best amusing, reminiscent of the Court Jester. We are perfectly capable of leading ourselves. You may pass laws, but only after the real leadership has been implemented. The leaders of the Renaissance were those who challenged the entrenched ideologies of the time. Those who fought in the American Revolution were leaders. Those who marched in the 60's and ignored the racist laws passed by lawmakers were leaders.

As an elected official your mandate is to work for us. Tell us what you are for, rather than what you oppose. Tell us what you support and how you intend to make it happen. Let other candidates do the same. And do it from your heart, without the aid of a teleprompter or spin doctor.

There is a spirit in all of us, the electorate. A spirit that urges us to do that which is just, moral and honest. We expect no less from those we have elected to serve.

July, 2010