Enclave: A distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit enclosed within or as if within foreign territory.
This web site is my "enclave" in a nation that is increasingly foreign to me.

Brief Comments On Recent News Headlines

11/9/2019 msnbc.com: Bloomberg files paperwork for possible 2020 presidential run
Mr. Bloomberg's entrance into the 2020 presidential race could be a problem for both Democrats and Republicans. He's too far to the right for Democrats and too far to the left for Republicans. He may, however, be just right for America's voters. If he doesn't drift further left he would be the one democratic candidate I would be interested in hearing more from.

11/5/2019 voxnews.com: The Electoral College could save Trump in 2020.
I would hope so. Click 'here' for why.

10/30/2019 wsj.com: Russia's Gas Pipeline to Germany Clears Major Hurdle
Any country that relies on Russia's gas pipeline for its energy needs puts the noose around its own neck and gives Russia the drop lever. Better have a solid energy backup plan or be prepared to submit to Russia's will.

10/30/2019 townhall.com: Sorry, Congress. Facebook Can't Fix Stupid
I so love the above headline. Concerned about privacy and fake news on social media? Then 'duh', don't use social media.

10/30/2019 vox.com: American kids are having test troubles: Reading scores of eighth graders nationwide fell in over half of all states, with a slight decline overall.
Get back to focusing on the 3 Rs and physical education (gym). Make these core courses for grades 1 through 12. A 30 minute reading assignment every night. A test the next day. Implement at the state and local school board level. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores in reading will improve.


Student Debt

11/8/2019 foxnews.com: Lack of shop classes is why we're $1.6T in student debt: Mike Rowe

I don't know that the lack of shop classes is why we're $1.6T in student debt but I do feel we are doing high school students a disservice by not offering vocational classes such as electrical, welding, carpentry, etc. Given exposure to these in demand good paying jobs many students might realize they excel in and prefer blue collar rather than white collar careers, thus avoiding crushing student loan debt.

I have little sympathy for those that accrue large student loan debt. They knew, or should have known, the terms of the loan agreements prior to signing on the dotted line. They willingly accepted those terms. They should have known salary expectations for a job in their chosen field upon graduation. To express bewilderment or outrage that a job in the field of ones four year degree doesn't pay enough to comfortably meet loan repayment obligations only reinforces the thought that America's youth do not understand the concept of personal responsibility.

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