Antwon Rose Shooting
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6/20/2018 17-year-old shot dead by police while running away from traffic stop
6/24/2018 Woman who filmed Antwon Rose shooting says police officer was 'taking target practice on this young man's back'

As a concealed carry permit holder I have been advised it is best to adhear to the tenent that deadly force is justified only when faced with the threat of bodily harm, either to myself or an innocent party, and that regardless of any crime committed a fleeing suspect is no longer a threat. Fire on a fleeing suspect and you have set yourself up as judge, jury and executioner and have increased the prospect of your being prosecuted. Pretty cut and dried for me as a civilian. I can think of very few circumstances in which I would fire on a fleeing suspect.

Law enforcement, however, is charged with a second consideration. Does an officer have probable cause to think a fleeing suspect poses a dangerous threat to others once the suspect has escaped. This can be a far more subjective call and in today's world of idenity politics can put an officer in a no win situation.

Seldom do I judge a shooting based on initial reports. Too much emotion too few facts. Should the investigation into the Antwon Rose shooting determine the officer made a questionable call and prosecution is warranted, so be it. Until then I will reserve judgement.


June, 2018